[HCDX]: Fw: This Weeks Tom & Darryl Show for Sept 11/12 1999
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[HCDX]: Fw: This Weeks Tom & Darryl Show for Sept 11/12 1999

de K1MOD -  WBCQ was having tx problems last week 

 From: "Tom & Darryl" <tdtvro@xxxxxxxxxx>
 Just a reminder to join us at 12am EDT (Sat/Sun) on WBCQ as well as Satellite
 (W0KIE) and the Internet for The Tom and Darryl Show. This week we will
 have an Interview with Jeff Kadet about Digital TV DX, yes he has
 received digital tv signals from over 400 miles away. We will then talk
 with Jerry Berg author of "On the Shortwaves 1923-1945: Broadcast
 Listening in the Pioneer Days of Radio."
 Listen to Tom and Darryl
 WBCQ 7415 kHz (SW) - Satellite GE-1 Ch.12 5.7 Audio (Fri and Sat Nights)
                      Satellite S4   Ch.16 5.8 Audio (Sat and Sun Days)
 Real Audio Feeds,  old shows are archived at  http://www.tomanddarryl.org

 Now on WQNA 88.3 FM Springfield, IL (Starts Sun 1am EST)
 at : http://www.webradio.com/wqna

see the first digital TV DX Photos at http://pages.cthome.net/fmdx/hdtv.html
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