Re: [HCDX]: Re:UTC versus local time for Latin America?
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Re: [HCDX]: Re:UTC versus local time for Latin America?

Thanks ...Don!

Your explaination makes a little more sense....sorry I haven't thought so far
regarding other continents....of course that's correct!

But as you mention in the Peru example... we all can get a little confused.


Alf Aardal

Don Moore skrev:

> That might make sense for each hemisphere (northern and
> southern), but not the entire world. The northern
> hemisphere countries want to go OFF DST around October,
> just when southern hemisphere countries want to go ON DST.
> Around April or late March, it's the opposite of that.
> DST doesn't make much senese in the tropics where length of
> days are about the same all year around. Thus, not many
> tropical countries go on DST. Peru is an exception. When
> Peru started using DST about 8 or 10 years ago, many rural
> stations continued to announce and use standard time only.
> (Part of the reason is that DST doesn't make any difference
> to rural peasants who live by the sun not clocks. It's more
> relevant to urban life.) Of course, with some Peruvian
> stations not using DST, it was confusing for DXers,
> obviously, with Peruvian stations using two different time
> standards. I believe DST has been more accepted and is
> generally used on the air by all Peruvians now.
> Don Moore    mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx
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