[HCDX]: What the hell are you talking about Mr. Moore?
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[HCDX]: What the hell are you talking about Mr. Moore?

You wrote this:

   "DST doesn't make much senese in the tropics     where  length of
days are about the same all year around. Thus, not many tropical
countries go on DST. Peru is an exception. When Peru started using DST
about 8 or 10 years ago, many rural stations continued to announce and
use standard time only. (Part of the reason is that DST doesn't make
any difference to rural peasants who live by the sun not clocks. It's
more relevant to urban life.) Of course, with some Peruvian stations
not using DST, it was confusing for DXers, obviously, with Peruvian
stations using two different time standards. I believe DST has been
more accepted and is generally used on the air by all Peruvians now".

Sorry, this is the funniest thing i've ever read in my life at the
hard-core-dx list. I've been living in Peru since my birthday 21 years
ago, and only in the mid-80's (it was 1987 i think), in 1990, and in
1993 the Peruvian time switched to DST. Of course, the Peruvian radio
stations has been announcing in standard time since no switch to DST
was done, either in urbar or rural zones. The south american countries
that change to DST as far as i know are Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay,
Chile, and Venezuela. About the life in the rural areas, i've been
there too, and these people really does live with clocks, tv (not so
much yet), and radios (very popular). Only that their working rutine is
kinda different from the one in the urban areas. 
The goverment (especially in the Fujimori period), tried several times
to establish the DST, as it happened in 1993, but many people in the
rural and urban areas complainted of the summer switch. The strategy
was to save energy, but since Peru is a "tropical" (even tho it doesn't
seems to be like it) country the day lenght, as Mr. Moore mentioned,
are not much different from summer to winter, so you spend more energy
on turning on the light (since 6 am is, in normal time, 5 am). 
It's known that Peru is an underdeveloped country, but it seems that on
this list some people think Peruvians dress on underwear and live in
Leave the prejudice somewhere outside the list, ok?

Greetings from Lima,

Moises Corilloclla (a) "Led Zeppelin"

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