[HCDX]: About the subject on my 9/11 mail
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[HCDX]: About the subject on my 9/11 mail

Hi, ppl:

I have received a response from Bjarne Melde (am i right?) about the
subject of my email on 11/9. I was ironical in a way, considering that
not so many people know how real life is in Latin American countries. I
think that the term "the hell" might be considered kinda offensive to
some fellas, so my apologies to them (including Mr. Moore if offended,
of course). I wanted to use an ironical and strong quote because Mr.
Moore's mail showed such confidence in the info he was giving that, as
stated in my mail, it really made laugh. I know that WRTH is called the
"bible", but the bible has failures too.
Besides that, i do not think HCDX is becoming spiteful. However,
anything is better than rec.radio.shortwave (which is a 90% electronic
trash, especially from the so called Liberty Net - you know what i
mean....). My intention is not to degrade the  HCDX environment, just
to let you know that if anyone wants to write about L.A. it's needed
some accurate info.

Greetings from Peru,

Moises Corilloclla

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