[HCDX]: Radio Australia relays
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[HCDX]: Radio Australia relays

Nigel Holmes of Radio Australia has confirmed that they have purchased time
off Merlin Communications to give better coverage into Indonesia during the
East Timor crisis. At this time there is only one broadcast being relayed,
with further transmissions (possibly using the Singapore factility) also
being looked at.

The current broadcast is from 2300-0000 UT on 11550 kHz, 250 kW 205 degrees
HR 2/2/1 array. RA Indonesian directed to central & western Indonesia (NOT
east Indonesia in the first incidence). The broadcasts are 7 days per week
and will run for at least six months.

QSL is via the normal Radio Australia address where they are forwarded on to
the Australian Radio DX Club for processing.

Richard Jary
Chief Editor
Australian Radio DX Club
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