[HCDX]: Vatican Radio on 527 kHz
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[HCDX]: Vatican Radio on 527 kHz

Dear fellow DX-ers,
This is not top-DX but a simple question that bothered me for a while :
With a certain regularity I can receive Vatican Radio on 527 kHz. At my QTH, reception is often spoilt by splashes from Switzerland on nearby 531. Trying to get a clearer signal by listening in LSB mode, I have noticed that the LSB signal is apparently absent (or considerably reduced). USB is OK. Does someone know if indeed Vatican Radio transmits in a carrier + USB mode on this frequency ? If so, why ? (it seems more logical to take a carrier + LSB mode to avoid interference from 531).
Aart Rouw
Bühl, Germany
AR7030 + 15m longwire