[HCDX]: Unid 6105
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[HCDX]: Unid 6105

an unidentified stn supposedly in Spanish or Portuguese language, noted by
NOEL Green in Blackpool-UK.
Very weak signal in England on Irish sea.

North American DXers, please help to ID 6105 at about 0600-0630 .

73 wb

UNID    6105 at 0600-0620
I've been monitoring quite a lot. But noted missing R Universidad-CTR Sep
5-10.  I could hear only ONE signal and it was again playing 1950's popular
songs -- and these songs were  i d e n t i c a l  on both days, but heard
at slightly different times !

Heard "With a Song in my Heart", maybe this has something to do with the
progr title ?

Otherwise played such as "There, I've said it again", "Dream", "Georgia",
"No Other Love", "More", "Autumn Leaves" etc.  I positively have heard only
ONE annt around 0615, but not clear enough to identify.  
Frustratingly, Cancao Nova has not been audible on 4825, progr on 4825 not
the same as 6105 at 0605.

I suppose we need someone Stateside to take a listen !   <<<<<<<<

(Noel Green-UK, Sep 10)
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