[HCDX]: 7215 Namibia ?
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[HCDX]: 7215 Namibia ?

an unidentified stn supposedly in Africaans language, noted by NOEL Green
in Blackpool-UK.
Very weak signal in England on Irish sea.

South African DXers, please help to ID 7215 at about 0600-0630.

73 wb

Namibia: I've been hearing traces of a signal on 7215 at 0600+ after RL
goes off 7220. A definite txion was on air at 0605 today, characteristic
peaking and fading rapidly, again I thought the lang had Dutch like
intonations - "accented/clipped" as one hears from Southern Africa, on Sep
11 I positively IDed the language as Africaans. At 0610 I heard two voices
with something like a commercial. In WRTH I note Ge/Africaans is listed
0600-1600 on 6175 from NBC Namibia, maybe this is what I'm hearing on 7215

At same time the usual African's were all audible - GUI 7125, Benin? 7210.2
clearly in Fr, NIG 7255 was at S9 +5 dB at 0615 but down to S7 by 0630, and
also traces on 7270, it was in Fr with EUR mx, nx at 0600 after some
drumming, I definitely heard "GAB" mentioned later, "Gabonaise". I've
checked 4777 but heard nothing at that time. 7215 was also propagating same
time, much too weak. [7215 is used by RRI til 0600]

There is no indication that long path from the FE or Asia is working - and
the short one is not doing so at present.   (Noel Green-UK, Sep 10)
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