[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 9/23/99
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[HCDX]: IRCA's AM DX NewsFlash - 9/23/99

           WELCOME TO IRCA's AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  September 23 1999
                                Vol 5  No 25


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CONVENTION - MEETING INFO (corrections/additions welcome)

Midwest DX Get-Together:  John Tudenham is planning a full DX get-
together at The Lake of The Ozarks in west central MO.  It will be at 
the Super 8 Motel in Osage Breach MO (phone (573) 302-0088) on September 
25-26 1999.  For more information, phone John at (417) 624-8058, or 
Email him at jotud@xxxxxxxxx

MEDIA RELEASE #2 - 31 May, 1999
RADIO FEST 1999 - Celebrating 25 Years of Radio Fun

   The Ontario DX Association invites radio enthusiasts of all interests
and all levels to join us for Radio Fest 99. Following on the success of
our first Radio Fest event in 1998, this will be one of the major radio
listeners event of the year. Radio Fest 99 will also celebrate the 25th
anniversary of the Ontario DX Association, Canada's largest radio
listeners' club.
   Dates: Friday, September 24 to Sunday, September 26
   Location: Ramada Inn & Convention Centre, Oakville, Ontario (located
at Queen Elizabeth Way and Trafalgar Road)
   Theme: "Celebrating 25 Years of Radio Fun".
   Radio Fest 99 will reminisce about the origins of the Ontario DX
Association, the DX hobby 25 years ago, and we'll also look to the
future of DXing and broadcasting.

 Friday:  Wine & Cheese Reception at 7:00 pm. Join us for this
opportunity to meet other attendees in a very relaxed atmosphere.
 Saturday: Registration will begin at 8:00 am and the program will begin
at 8:45 am concluding at approximately 5:00 pm.
  The day begins with an audio-visual presentation, "The Origins of the
ODXA, the Gestetner Years", by Harold Sellers. Tom Williamson, a
shortwave listener for several decades will reflect upon his experiences
listening from three continents.
  A panel of special guests will address the subject: "On the Dawn of
the Millenium, Where Do We Find Ourselves?"
  The afternoon will conclude with the always fun Game Show and raffle
draws, plus a slice of 25th birthday cake for everyone!
  Everything will wrap up will a wonderful banquet on Saturday evening.
 Sunday: Before saying goodbye, join your fellow conventioneers for
breakfast (your choice and you pay) in the hotel restaurant. We expect
to offer a tour of a nearby radio site. More details later.
 Exhibits: Equipment suppliers; clubs; technology from yesterday, today
and tomorrow; plus tables of used equipment for sale.
 Accomodations : You may contact the Ramada Inn by telephone
(905)849-5950, toll free 1-800-357-0880, Web www.ramada-oakville.com. A
special rate of Cdn$82 per night for Radio Fest 99 is available.

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - gmhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Right now Lynn is looking for target station lists and stamps or money
to help get the lists worked on.  Thank you Lynn... pb



**Craig Rathbone - Denver CO - 	DXer@xxxxxxx

   It appears that 560 KLZ in Denver has changed formats this morning, 
9-20-99. Last week the paper said they would today and it seems they 
have. They are no longer REL (religion) and are now NOS (nostalgia). I 
heard a slogan of "Magic 56 KLZ", and several singing IDs of "56 KLZ".
   The paper also said that the REL format might move to 1220 and 1220 
would no longer be spanish, this morning 1220 is still spanish, though I 
dont know their new calls.


**Eric Bueneman - N0UIHEric@xxxxxxx

Sounds like Crawford has sold KLZ-560. They had a Contemporary Christian 
format on 560.


**Eric Bueneman - N0UIHEric@xxxxxxx

Charlie, WBT-1110 was on 50 kW ND for continuing hurricane coverage...I 
heard this at the university where I'm finishing my degree (Southern 
Illinois University at Edwardsville), less than 10 miles from KMOX's 
transmitter site.


Charlie Taylor - Grifton NC - calltaylor@xxxxxxxxxxx

   We listened to WOKV-690 JAX 9/18 at the transmitter station to scare 
the begiggers out of us. WOKV was on day pattern & 50 kW, and had calls 
from Nebraska & Quebec.
   We operate a GE 250-kW transmitter on low power (85 kW) when antenna 
VSWR is high. Think it can be loaded up to 100 kW on low power. Sorry 
WBT, WLW, WSB, WSM, WCCO,  WPTF,  KNX, CBA, and all such low-power 




Chris Martin - Brisbane - MartinCG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   KMNY 1600 Pomona has changed its night format from CC talk to 
American Standards!
   TOH id in EE as: "You're listening to KMNY Pomona. The Multicultural 
Broadcasting System" then into stuff like Glenn Miller! Signals form 
North America are quite strong.


**Bruce Portzer - Seattle WA - bportzer@xxxxxxxx

   Here's a tantalizing target, which might actually be possible from 
the western US/Canada.  The great circle path from Seattle is about 8000 
miles, of which about 2/3 is over water and, with CKHL gone, the only 
QRM I can think of is from TIS stations (which may or may not be a 
problem depending on your location). It's worth a shot if you can point 
a Beverage SSE - lots of lower-powered Aussies have made it this way at 
armchair copy so it's worth watching for during the evening hours. 
   Those of you in the NE US & the Maritimes might want to watch for it 


Rocco Cotroneo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - rcotro@xxxxxxxxxx
(via Bruce Portzer)

The new Falkland transmitter on 530 khz  is booming in here in Rio de 
Janeiro at night. Hrd with BFBS relay programme (pop mx) yesterday at 
22,40-02,40. Sure it can get well further




Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

1620kHz 0650 past 0800, interesting hotch-potch of signals, KOIL Omaha 
NE on ESPN sports, WPHG Atmore AL with Gospel and KSMH Sacramento CA 
with Catholic matters, all talk and difficult at times to follow the 
conversation thread! Other X-band action... no sign of WMIB 1660, WTIR 
1680 and WRUN 1700 so they may be off... WTTM was dominating 1680. KDIA 
1640 was very strong at times and even Caribbean Beacon was peaking to 
good levels particularly early in the evening. Not a lot of interest in 
the regular band save rarely heard CHMB Vancouver 1320 with CC ads etc 
just after 1000z.



Mark Mohrmann - Coventry VT - mohrmannm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NRD 535D, LW 800m @ 75 deg, V-Beam 130m @ 180 deg

 535  GRENADA GBC 9/17 0108 EE soul ballad, later prayer and hymns 
       before sign-off anncmnt at 0157. Carrier cut in middle of anthem. 
       Good signal. (Mohrmann VT)
 550  VENEZUELA YVKE Mundial 9/17 0313 Weak LA pop music and canned 
       "Mundial" ID. (Mohrmann VT)
 555  ST. KITTS/NEVIS ZIZ 9/17 0110 EE talk with Carib music on a 
       rolling, humming carrier. Good peaks. (Mohrmann VT)
 570  CUBA R Reloj 9/17 0105 Time pips and "RR" ID, way under the mix. 
       (Mohrmann VT)
 650  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CMAT Radio Universal 9/17 0233 SP talk with 
       WSM, Nashville phased. LA pop music and nice ID at 0307 for their 
       FM outlet, "Tu la conoce 98.1, Universal, Yeah!" (Mohrmann VT)
 670  CUBA CMQ Radio Rebelde 9/17 0114 Beisbol game // 5025, weak in the 
       mix. (Mohrmann VT)
 700  JAMAICA JBC ? RJR? 9/17 0317 Church ad and local obituaries, 
       dominant over WLW, Cincinnatti. "RJR 94 FM" ID and ads for 
       Western Union and Wright's Bakery, into "Bahai World Community 
       program brought to you by the Bahai community of Jamaica" at 
       0321.  (Mohrmann VT)
 710  CUBA R Rebelde 9/17 0115 //670 and 5025, very weak way under WOR 
       New York. (Mohrmann VT)
 750  VENEZUELA YVKS Radio Caracas 9/17 0123 Mentions of "Venezuela", 
       "RCR" ID, mostly on top of WSB Atlanta. (Mohrmann VT)
 760  COLOMBIA HJAJ RCN 9/17 0058 SP talk annc "Vallenato", "RCN" ID. 
       Dominant on the frequency. (Mohrmann VT)
 940  CUBA R Reloj 9/17 0353 "RR" way under the mix. (Mohrmann VT)
 940  PUERTO RICO WIPR 9/17 0202 Weak but clear ID on top of Unid 
       Colombian, "Esta es WIPR, AM en San Juan. W... Radio..." Still 
       going strong at 0429 with another ID.  (Mohrmann VT)
 950  CUBA CMHI Radio Reloj 9/17 0336 "RR" way under the mix. 
      (Mohrmann VT)


**Richard Toebe - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

Heard on my Delco radio in 97 Pontiac
1230  KWG   CA, Stockton 9-17 has dropped Oldies, //100.1 KQOD; is now 
       running Catholic programming.  Most is from EWTN, some is 
       Catholic Family Radio, //1640 KDIA.  (RT-CA)
1550  KYCY  CA, San Francisco 9-17 has dropped country, //93.3 KYCY-FM; 
       is now "Yadda Yadda Radio"; Imus, Gordon Liddy, Tom Leykis in PM 
       drive with feed direct from KLSX 97.1; hear lots of their promos 
       (The FM Talk Station) and LA area ads during his show.  (RT-CA)


Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

Drake R8, Term EWE (U) Antenna, 1500' E Beverage, 40' term. vertical

The best morning so far this season for the Philippines. Abit slow in 
getting started, but it may be OK after all.

 531  JOQG  JAPAN, Morioka, good w/JJ talk at 1215 UTC 9/19. (PM-OR)
      +good with JJ talk at 1307 9/21 (PMOR)
 531  UNID  PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk mixed w/JJ (JOQG) at 1407 UTC 9/19
      +man in Tagalog at 1340 9/20 u/o JJ (PMOR)
 531  UNID  Australian, running "Music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s's" Also 
       IDs for program "Jutebox Saturday Night" Mot sure whuch one, 
       earlier hrd talk on "531-2MC". This was also // to 639 (2CS) at 
       1330 UTC 9/18 (PM-OR)
 540  4QL  AUSTRALIA, Longreach good on top w/ABC pgming at 1315 UTC 
       9/18 (PM-OR)
 540  JO..  JAPAN, NHK synchros here // 531 at 1216 UTC 9/19 (PM-OR)
 540  RADIO RHEMA  NEW ZEALAND, good w/ rel talk //549  at 1304 UTC 9/18 
 540  DYRB  PHILIPPINES, Cebu City, fair u/o Domestics with sports and 
       "DYRB" ID by man, cluster of spots, mentioning Cebu at 1335 UTC 
       9/20 (PMOR)
 540  UNID  PHILIPPINES buried u/NHK at 1409 9/19 (PMOR)
 558  JOCR  JAPAN, Kobe, good o/KK with JJ Pops and several mentions of 
       "Kobe" at 1220 UTC 9/19 (PM-OR)
      +very good o/DZXL with JJ Pops and "Kobe" mentions at 1315 9/21 
 558  DZXL  PHILIPPINES, Makati, good on top of JOCR briefly with "DZXL" 
       ID "XL" also mentioned at 1345 UTC 9/20 (PMOR)
 567  KGUM  GUAM, Agana very good with Jim Bohannon show on "567KGUM" at 
       1406, after Net news 9/21. Haven't heard since last year. (PMOR)
 567  JOIK  JAPAN, Sapporo, fair w/JJ talk at 1227 UTC 9/19 (PM-OR)
 576  UNID  Open carrier here over garbled audio underneath at 1219 9/19
 585  JOPG  JAPAN, Kushiro, good  at 1216 UTC 9/19 in JJ //531 (PM-OR)
      +good w/JJ talk at 1355 9/18 (PM-OR)
 594  JOAK  JAPAN, Tokyo, very good //585,531, NHK 1 pgm at 1210 9/19
 594  DZBB  PHILIPPINES, Quezon City, good on top of JJ  with "DZBB" ID 
       by man at 1326 9/20 (PMOR)
 612  UNID  Station with rock mx, mixing with NHK, prob Guam, but 567 
       much much better at 1411 9/21 (PMOR)
 621  UNID  Maybe KK and RR mix in there, but too weak to tell for sure 
       1234 9/19 (PM-OR)
 639  JOWN/JOPB, Both JJ's here, NHK2(JOPG) w/Lang lessons and JOWN in 
       JJ with News on Hokkaido at 1345 9/21 (PMOR)
 639  UNID  PHILIPPINES, Sports again hrd at 1334 in garbled audio 9/20
 657  UNID  PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk at 1332 9/20 (PMOR)
 666  JOBK  JAPAN, Osaka, good //531 JJ talk at 1233 9/19 (PM-OR)
 666  DZRH  PHILIPPINES, Novotas, with IDs  "DZRH, Philippines 
       Broadcasting Company, 666, DZRH...." at 1315 9/20 (PMOR)
 675  DYKC(?)  PHILIPPINES, Mandaue(Cebu) with Sports at 1415 UTC 9/21, 
       ment. of Cebu in spots. Fairly good for a while, before fade out. 
 693  JOAB  JAPAN, Tokyo, talk in EE/JJ, Language Lessons at 1218 9/19
 693  UNID  PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk with some EE at 1321 9/20 way u/JJ
 702  JAPAN, synchros here //693 at 1218 9/19 (PM-OR)
 702  UNID  PHILIPPINES, way u/JJ & KK at 1351 9/20 (PMOR)
 711  UNID  PHILIPPINES, at least 2 filipinos in 710 splash at 1353 
       9/20. (PMOR)
 720  DYOK PHILIPPINES, Iloilo City, very good and all alone on channel 
       at 1330 UTC w/ many spots, some in Tagalog, others EE, even a 
       mention of DZRH (Mother station666 ), DYOK IDs 9/19. Totally 
       armchair copy for quite a while. (PMOR)
      +good w/Sports and cluster of spots at 1325 9/20, several spots 
       mentioning Iloilo City. Not as strong as yesterday but still 
       dominant on channel. (PMOR)
      +good with Sports, but weaker than yesterday morning at 1420 UTC 
       9/21 (PMOR)
 729  JOCK  JAPAN, Nagoya, good w/JJ talk //531 at 1209 9/19 (PM-OR)
 729  UNID  PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk u/JJ at 1339 UTC 9/19 (PMOR)
      +again Tagalog talk here in garbled off channel audio 1357 9/20 
 738  UNID PHILIPPINES, mix with JJ Commercial station at 1351 UTC 9/19
      +more Tagalog talk u/mess on channel 1337 9/20 (PMOR)
 747  JOIB  JAPAN, Sapporo, Language lessions at 1219 9/19 (PM-OR)
 765  UNID  Korean here weakly at 1227 9/19. (PM-OR)
 774  JOUB  JAPAN, Akita, good w/Language lessons at 1219 9/19 (PM-OR)
 774  UNID  PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk u/JOUB at 1347  9/20 (PMOR)
 783  TAIWAN, fair to good with CC Pops at 1340 9/19, several 
       commercials heard too. (PMOR)
 792  UNID  Maybe KK Pop mx at 1231 9/19 (PM-OR)
 801  UNID  CC in KGO 810 splash at 1205 9/19 (PM-OR)
 828  JOBB  JAPAN, Osaka, good with Lang lessions at 1232 9/19 (PM-OR)
 828  DXCC? PHILIPPINES, Cagayan De Oro, prob the station with old U.S. 
       Pops and slow ancr in Tagalog, mostly buried by JOBB 1334 9/19. 
       Has been eard here alot through the years. (PMOR)
      +fair u/JOBB with Tagalog/EE talk as "Good evening...(Tagalog 
       talk)... radyo DXCC, 828...." at 1328  9/20, lost to JOBB . This 
       was one of my first filipinos logged as QSL'd back in the early 
       80s. (PMOR)
 855  UNIDS  PHILIPPINES, at least 2 filipinos here off channel with 
       garbled audio at 1341 9/19 (PMOR)
      +maybe 2 filipinos here at 1341 9/20 (PMOR)
 855  UNID  Vry strong open carrier over garbled audio at 1218 9/19, 
 873  JOGB  JAPAN,  Kumamoto, wak w/Lang lessons //828  at 1233 9/19
 882  DWIZ  PHILIPPINES, Navotas, hrd very poorly with "DWIZ" ID by man, 
       into Second Hand Rose by B.S. at 1347 9/19 (PMOR)
      +prob the Tagalog talk, and Helen Reddy song at 1346 9/20 (PMOR)
 882  UNID  Garbled audio, aybe flipino mixing with JJ or KK, but too 
       weak to tell 1233 9/19 (PM-OR)
 891  JOHK  JAPAN, Sendai good w/JJ talk //531  1236 9/19 (PM-OR)
 891  THAILAND  woman in Thai mixing with filipino & JJ at 1356 9/19
 891  UNID PHILIPPINES, hrd w/mix of JJ and Thailand at 1356 9/19 (PMOR)
      +station way u/JOHK w/Tagalog talk at 1362 9/20 (PMOR)
 909  DYLA?  PHILIPPINES, weak in splash w/Filipino talk at 1350 9/18 
 918  JO..  JAPAN, JJ pops in the splash at 1211 9/19. (PM-OR)
 918  DZRB?  PHILIPPINES, Filipino talk w/mx at 1356 9/18 (PM-OR)
 918  UNID  PHILIPPINES, woman ancr in Tagalog talking to caller 1342 
       9/19 (PMOR)
 927  UNIDS  stations in the splash at 1203 9/19 (PM-OR)
 945  UNID  station w/talk in splash at 107 9/19 (PM-OR)
      +station weak in unk language at 1356 9/20 (PMOR)
 954  JOKR  JAPAN, Tokyo, good w/JJ talk at 1212 9/19 (PM-OR)
      +good w/JJ talk o/Filipino at 1349 9/18 (PM-OR)
 954  DZEM(?)  PHILIPPINES, Quezon City, prob the one at 1343 9/20 
       u/JOKR with Tagalog and EE talk. It sounded like the male ancr 
       said "DZEM" at one point, but hard to hear because of 100KWer 
       JOKR. (PMOR)
 972  HLCA  REP. OF KOREA, good w/KK talk in KK Pop mx at 1340 9/18 
      +good w/KK Pop mx and man ancr in KK 1216 9/19 (PM-OR)
 981  UNID  PHILIPPINES, filipino/EE talk with Rel message. Will have to 
       check if there is a Radio Veritas Asia or FEBC outlet listed here 
       at 1355 9/21 (PMOR)
1008  JONR  JAPAN, Osaka, fair w/JJ talk 1343 9/18 (PM-OR)
1026  DZAR  PHILIPPINES, Quezon City, apparently a new call for this 
       one. Listed in the WRTH and the 1996 KBP Handbook (Phil. BDers) 
       as DZAM, several IDs and call heard as "DZAR" at 1304 9/20. 
       Cluster of spots, more "DZAR" IDs by man. (PMOR)
1053  JOAR  JAPAN, Nagoya, fair w/JJ talk u/o Jammer 1344 9/18 (PM-R)
1062  DZEC  PHILIPPINES,  Quezon City, best Filipino of the season with 
       man in Tagalog and "DZEC" IDs at 1352 9/18 (PM-OR)
      +good with "Fleetwoods" song and man ancr w/ "DZEC" ID at 1358 
       9/19 (PMOR)
1062  DZEC  PHILIPPINES, Quezon City. This by far is the most consistant 
       filipino this season. Tis one is in when others aren't. Arm chair 
       copy at 1312 9/20 and several "DZEC" IDs, telephone talk, etc. 
      +good with YL in Tagalog at 1417 UTC 9/21 (PMOR)
1107  UNID  JAPAN, JJ commercial station here with YL in JJ at 1410 9/21
1125  DZWN  PHILIPPINES, Dagupan City, fair in 1130 splash with man and 
       woman in Filipino dialec, didn't sound quite "tagalog", didn't 
       hear any EE added in, but a couple IDs as ".......DZWN" By 1135, 
       hrd a 2nd Filipino u/DZWN. New!  (PM-OR)
1134  JOQR  JAPAN, Tokyo, good with JJ Pop mx countdown. YL in JJ, but 
       jingles in EE  "......countdown...J-O-Q-R"  at 1347 UTC 9/18
1152  PHILIPPINES, Unid Filipino talk at 1357 UTC 9/18. (PM-OR)
1161  TAIWAN? UNID CC talk at 1325 UTC 9/18. May also had been Malaysia, 
       as hrd here before. (PM-OR)
1161  UNID  CC station here, prob Taiwanat 1350 9/21 (PMOR)
1179  JOOR  JAPAN, Osaka good w/JJ talk at 1320 9/18 (PM-OR)
      +good with man in JJ at 1421 9/21 (PMOR)
1179  UNID  PHILIPPINES, Tagaog talk tearing up JOOR at times. There is 
       a 10KWer listed for Marawi City. At 1317 9/20 (PMOR)
1296  UNID  PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk at 1346 9/20. (PMOR)
1548  UNID  unknown language here (not EE), but again too much splash to 
       tell much several recheckd between 13051420 UTC 9/21 (PMOR)


E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1290  CFST  MB Winnipeg -09/17 1800 - Excellent local signal with new 
       calls and new format. Gone is CIFX and its talk format. Welcome 
       to "1290 Starlight CSFT" and the adult standards format. Started 
       this day. Good bye Dr Laura and Art Bell... Hello Frankie Bing 
       and Ella... Hey they have no place to go but up having a firm 
       grip on last or second last place in listenership for the last 2-
       3 years. No station in the area with this format except CKVN 
       which is a special events station on only part time. This may set 
       back CKVN's bid to go full time in 2000.

   The old CIFX web page has been converted to CFST with a list of what 
is palying NOW and the next song!!! nice way to check your DX if you 
hear them!!!


Mark Connelly - WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Connelly*D-MA] = Duxbury, MA, (GC= 70.651 W / 42.047 N)
(west end of Powder Point Bridge, at King Caesar Road)

[Connelly*P-MA] = Plymouth, MA, (GC= 70.68 W / 41.98 N)
(Robbins Road - Holmes Reservation, N of Nelson Street Beach)

Receiver: Drake R8A

Antenna system: cardioid array with BBL-1 broadband loop, AWP-1 whip, 
Superphaser-1 phasing unit


 603  SPAIN  RNE5, Sevilla / Palencia, SEP 19 0037 - pop vocal // 621; 
       to fair peak. [Connelly*D-MA]
 612  MOROCCO  Sebaa-Aioun, SEP 19 0035 - AA vocal at light audio level 
       on good carrier. [Connelly*D-MA]
 621  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, SEP 6 0113 - SS talk // 
       1107; to fair peak. [Connelly*P-MA] 
     + SEP 19 0030 - man in SS; loud. [Connelly*D-MA]
 639  SPAIN  RNE1, La Coruna, SEP 6 0111 - // 1107 with SS female vocal; 
       fair through CBN QRM. [Connelly*P-MA]
 648  GAMBIA  Bonto, SEP 18 2322 - African-accented EE talk by woman, 
       then drumming; fair. [Connelly*D-MA]
 648  SPAIN  RNE1, Badajoz et al., SEP 6 0110 - // 1107 with female 
       vocal; poor. [Connelly*P-MA]
 657  SPAIN  RNE5, Madrid, SEP 6 0110 - SS vocal // 1107; fair. 
 666  SPAIN  SER R. Barcelona, Barcelona, SEP 19 0101 - SS news by 
       woman; over an apparent EE station (not sure what that would be). 
 666  unID  SEP 6 0110 - jumble of signals with one that sounded AA 
       (likely Algeria).  Nothing was really dominant. [Connelly*P-MA]
 684  SPAIN  RNE1, Sevilla, SEP 6 0109 - // 1107 with female vocal; poor 
       in WRKO slop. [Connelly*P-MA]
 693  SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, SEP 6 0108 - // 1107 with SS talk, female 
       vocal. [Connelly*P-MA]
 693.72  AZORES  RDP, Santa Barbara  SEP 19 0050 - // 836 with emotional 
       folk female vocal & guitar; HUGE !  There was a 720 Hz background 
       het from the weaker stations on the correct 693.0 channel. 
 711.04  WESTERN SAHARA  Laayoune, SEP 5 2317 - AA talk over 40 Hz 
       growl. [Connelly*P-MA] 
     + SEP 18 2324 - man in AA; strong, often better than WOR. 
 738  SPAIN  RNE1, Barcelona, SEP 6 0107 - SS talk; in CHCM slop. 
 756  GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Braunschweig/Ravensburg, SEP 6 0106 - 
       avant garde symphonic music; fair. [Connelly*P-MA]
 765  SWITZERLAND  RSR, Sottens, SEP 6 0115 - romantic FF vocal; fair 
       with WABC phased. [Connelly*P-MA]
 774  SPAIN  RNE1 synchros, SEP 6 0105 - SS news by man & woman; poor 
       with a lot of slop from CFDR-780 and some from WABC-770 as well. 
 792  SPAIN  SER, Sevilla, SEP 19 0105 - // 666 with SS news by man & 
       woman; loud. [Connelly*D-MA]
 836  AZORES  RDP, Pico da Barrosa, SEP 5 2320 - still on this off-
       channel, PP talk by two men at low audio level; stronger than 
       adjacent Canaries-837. [Connelly*P-MA]
     + SEP 18 2333 - PP pop vocal at low audio level; hetted by weaker 
       837. [Connelly*D-MA]
 837  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  COPE synchros, SEP 5 2320 - man with fast 
       SS talk; QRM from Azores-836. [Connelly*P-MA]
 855  SPAIN  RNE1, Murcia et al., SEP 6 0104 - woman with news in SS; 
       fair to good with WEEI phased. [Connelly*P-MA]
 864  EGYPT  Santah, SEP 5 2335 - Koranic male AA vocal; very good. 
 882  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  COPE synchros, SEP 6 0103 - SS newstalk; 
       slightly over UK. [Connelly*P-MA]
 882   UNITED KINGDOM, BBC Wales, Washford, SEP 6 0103 - bits of EE news 
       audible under Canaries-Spain. [Connelly*P-MA]
 891  ALGERIA  Algiers, SEP 5 2322 - end of musical selection, then man 
       & woman in AA; good. [Connelly*P-MA]
 909  UNITED KINGDOM  BBC, Moorside Edge et al., SEP 6 0102 - EE news 
       about car bombings in Israel; fair. [Connelly*P-MA]
 954  SPAIN  R. Espana, Madrid, SEP 5 2323 - Caribbean salsa- merengue 
       style music; good. [Connelly*P-MA]
 963  PORTUGAL  R. Renascenca, Seixal, SEP 5 2324 - man in PP; over 
       probable Spain/Tunisia. [Connelly*P-MA]
 981  ALGERIA  Radiodif. Algerienne, Algiers, SEP 5 2324 - shrill vocal 
       & violins. [Connelly*P-MA] 
 999  SPAIN  COPE, Madrid, SEP 6 0101 - SS news by man & woman; to good 
       peak over CKBW slop. [Connelly*P-MA]
1017  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, SEP 6 0057 - SS talk; over apparent 
       Germany/Turkey mix. [Connelly*P-MA]
1017  TURKEY  TRT-1, Istanbul-Mundanya, SEP 5 2326 - Islamic style vocal 
       having an operatic quality, then Turkish talk by woman; good, 
       dominant over Spain and Germany. [Connelly*P-MA]
1026  SPAIN  SER synchros, SEP 5 2329 - // 1044 with man in SS; to good 
       peak with WBZ phased. [Connelly*P-MA]
1044  SPAIN  SER synchros, SEP 5 2327 - usual news discussion and 
       teletalk; excellent, clearly dominant. [Connelly*P-MA]
1053  MOROCCO  Tanger, SEP 5 2347 - AA vocal & strings; briefly atop 
       Talk Radio and Spain. [Connelly*P-MA]
1053  SPAIN  COPE, Zaragoza / Castellon, SEP 5 2330 - fast SS teletalk; 
       over UK & Morocco. [Connelly*P-MA]
1053  UNITED KINGDOM  Talk Radio synchros, SEP 6 0056 - phone-in from 
       Natalie, announcer said "Hi, You're on Talk Radio.", then a 
       discussion of resorts in North Wales compared to those in South 
       Wales; HUGE signal, burying Spain. [Connelly*P-MA]
1071  SPAIN  EI, Bilbao, SEP 5 2353 - // 1197 with US C&W vocal; in 
       tough CBA slop. [Connelly*P-MA]
1088  ANGOLA  Radio Nacional, Mulenvos, SEP 19 0004 - good carrier and 
       bits of apparent PP news.  UK-1089 was "aurora'ed out". 
1089  UNITED KINGDOM  Talk Radio synchros, SEP 5 2334 - business- 
       related talk. 
     + SEP 5 2348 - announcer to phone-in: "Are you on a mobile ?  It's 
       cutting in and out a bit." [Connelly*P-MA]  
1098  SLOVAKIA  Slovensky Rozhlas, Nitra, SEP 5 2336 - nostalgic 
       (1940's-style) female vocal; over Spain. [Connelly*P-MA] 
1098  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, SEP 5 2336 - // 1107 with emotional SS talk; 
       slightly behind Slovakia. [Connelly*P-MA]
1107  GERMANY  AFN synchros, SEP 5 2349 - US EE talk about "award 
       winners"; under Spain. [Connelly*P-MA]
1107  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, SEP 5 2337 - SS dramatic presentation; 
       local-like. [Connelly*P-MA]
1116  SPAIN  SER synchros, SEP 5 2350 - // 1044 with man in SS; poor to 
       fair over low-pitched growl. [Connelly*P-MA]
1125  CROATIA  HR, Deanovec, SEP 5 2351 - // 1134 with bouncy Alpine-
       style male vocal; under Spain. [Connelly*P-MA]
1125  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, SEP 5 2351 - man & woman in SS; over 
       Croatia. [Connelly*P-MA]
1134  CROATIA  HR, Zadar, SEP 5 2338 - Billy Joel vocal; over Spain. 
1134  SPAIN  COPE synchros, SEP 5 2338 - fast SS talk noted behind 
       Croatia. [Connelly*P-MA]
1179  CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN  SER synchros, SEP 5 2346 - // 1044 with 
       SS teletalk about newspaper articles; loud, way over Middle 
       Eastern or Greek music station. [Connelly*P-MA]
1179  GREECE  Thessaloniki, SEP 6 0051 - female Greek vocal; briefly 
       blasting in over SER Canaries-Spain. [Connelly*P-MA]
1197  LESOTHO  BBC relay, Lancer's Gap, SEP 18 2340 - Despite reports of 
       this station's imminent closure, it was still very much present 
       as of this date.  Noted with monster signal // 5975 playing "More 
       than Words" by Extreme.  This was actually one of the strongest 
       Trans-Atlantics at the time. [Connelly*D-MA]
1197  SPAIN  EI, Vitoria, SEP 5 2353 - C&W vocal // 1071; excellent. 
1206  FRANCE  R. Bleue, Bordeaux, SEP 6 0002 - automated R. Bleue jingle 
       into "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by the Beatles; HUGE ! 
1215  SPAIN  COPE synchros, SEP 6 0048 - excited SS teletalk; over 
       Virgin-UK. [Connelly*P-MA]
1242  FRANCE  R. Bleue, Marseille, SEP 6 0003 - // 1206 with Beatles 
       tune, then FF male folk vocal strongly influenced by the Irish 
       song "Whiskey in the Jar"; poor to fair through WBUR slop. 
1251  LIBYA  Tripoli, SEP 6 0006 - AA news by man; booming in at S9+25. 
1287  SPAIN  SER synchros, SEP 6 0046 - SS talk by man; mixed with 2 
       others. [Connelly*P-MA]
1296  SPAIN  COPE, Valencia, SEP 6 0007 - SS news interview; good. 
1305  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, SEP 6 0008 - SS news; in jumble with unID 
       music station. [Connelly*P-MA]
1341  NORTHERN IRELAND  BBC R. Ulster, Lisnagarvey, SEP 6 0009 - sports-
       related EE talk; poor in slop. [Connelly*P-MA]
1359  SPAIN  Arganda, SEP 6 0046 - several SS announcers; loud, pushing 
       back the CKBC slop. [Connelly*P-MA]
1404  FRANCE  R. Bleue synchros, SEP 6 0012 - // 1206 with uptempo 
       female FF vocal, canned R. Bleue jingle; poor, in slop crossfire 
       from WPLM-1390 and CIGO-1410.74. [Connelly*P-MA]
1413  SPAIN  RNE5 synchros, SEP 6 0013 - // 1107 with old-time jazz 
       vocal, then man in SS; fair over CIGO slop. [Connelly*P-MA]
1422  GERMANY  DeutschlandRadio, Heusweiler, SEP 6 0015 - "I'm Not in 
       Love" by 10 CC; fair to good. [Connelly*P-MA]
1458  ALBANIA  RTV Shqiptar, Fllake, SEP 6 0044 - eastern European talk 
       (interview) came up in strength and got loud. [Connelly*P-MA]
1458  UNITED KINGDOM  unID station, SEP 6 0043 - bits of EE talk; 
       briefly audible, then buried by Albania. [Connelly*P-MA]
1512  GREECE (t)  Elleniki Radiophonia, Chania, SEP 6 0040 - Greek-
       sounding music; in horrendous WNRB slop. [Connelly*P-MA]
1521  SPAIN  SER, Castellon, SEP 6 0037 - // 1044 with SS teletalk; poor 
       to fair over others. [Connelly*P-MA] 
1530  VATICAN  R. Vaticana, SEP 6 0025 - LOCAL-LIKE with a long 
       presentation of Segovia-style Spanish classical / folk guitar 
       music.  An apparent Middle Eastern music station and WSAI were 
       noted far off in the background. [Connelly*P-MA]
1539  SPAIN  SER, Manresa/Elche, SEP 6 0024 - typical SER SS teletalk; 
       fair with WDCD phased. [Connelly*P-MA] 
1548  KUWAIT  VOA, Kuwait City, SEP 6 0023 - US sportstalk mentioning 
       the Mets and the Cubs; to good peak.  There was a weak background 
       het from something on 1546.4, possibly the jammer near the 
       Morocco / W. Sahara border. [Connelly*P-MA]
1557  FRANCE  R. Bleue, Nice, SEP 6 0035 - // 1206 with lounge- style 
       male FF vocal (a medley of show tunes); poor in WQEW slop. 
1575  SPAIN  SER synchros, SEP 6 0001 - SS news by several announcers; 
       loud. [Connelly*P-MA]
1583.6  CEUTA  RadiOle, SEP 6 0031 - SS talk by woman; about even in 
       strength with SER-1584. [Connelly*P-MA]
1584  SPAIN  SER synchros, SEP 6 0032 - man in SS; QRM from equal 
       strength Ceuta-1583.6. [Connelly*P-MA]
1602  SPAIN  EI, Vitoria, SEP 6 0032 - non-SER SS news; evenly mixing 
       with the SER synchros. [Connelly*P-MA]
1602  SPAIN  SER synchros, SEP 6 0032 - SS news // other SER's; 
       over/under EI Vitoria. [Connelly*P-MA]


 535  GRENADA  GBC, St. George's, SEP 19 0038 - soul female vocal (maybe 
       Tina Turner); through RVC-530 slop. [Connelly*D-MA]
 555  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  ZIZ, Basseterre, SEP 19 0056 - woman with 
       discussion program about workers; good signal, but tough WGAN 
       slop. [Connelly*D-MA]   
 600  CUBA  R. Rebelde, CMKV, Urbano Noris, SEP 19 0032 - SS sports // 
       5025; over jumble. [Connelly*D-MA]
 620  CUBA  R. Rebelde, Colon / Moa, SEP 19 0032 - // 600 & 5025 with SS 
       sporting event; over WZON and probable Antigua / Brazil mix. 
 630  PUERTO RICO  WSKN, San Juan, SEP 19 0046 - SS talk with Cadena and 
       local mentions; under WPRO. [Connelly*D-MA]
 640  GUADELOUPE  RFO, Pointe-a-Pitre, SEP 19 0047 - FF teletalk; 
       excellent signal, totally dominant. [Connelly*D-MA]
 650  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  R, Universal, HIAT, Santo Domingo, SEP 19 0028 
       - frenetic Afropop-influenced merengue, R. Universal ID, then a 
       romantic song that started at a slow tempo and then went into 
       dance rhythm.  Good / dominant (before HJKH starting blending in 
       a few minutes later). [Connelly*D-MA]
 690  BRAZIL  R. Dragao do Mar, ZYH587, Fortaleza, SEP 18 2323 - excited 
       PP shouting by man; loud.  No sign of Anguilla at the time. 
 700  JAMAICA  RJR, Montego Bay, SEP 19 0053 - reggae vocal, then 
       Caribbean EE DJ.  This gradually came up over the South American 
       jumble and eventually became loud and dominant. [Connelly*D-MA]
 705  ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES  Kingstown, SEP 19 0022 - slow 
       serious-sounding Caribbean EE talk by man. 
     + SEP 19 0053 - talkshow about a medical topic; briefly good. 
 750  VENEZUELA  RCR, YVKS, Caracas, SEP 19 0020 - man & woman with SS 
       talk about international sports; loud and dominant. 
 760  BRAZIL  R. Record, ZYH888, Fortaleza, SEP 18 2327 - PP female 
       choral group religious vocal (melody similar to "We Are the 
       World"), R. Record jingle, then man in PP; HUGE ! [Connelly*D-MA]
 760  GUYANA (t)  R. Roraima, 8RG, Georgetown, SEP 19 0019 - bits of 
       Caribbean EE talk; in jumble with Brazil and SS Latin Americans. 
 780  VENEZUELA  R. Coro, YVMN, Coro, SEP 19 0017 - R. Coro ID; slightly 
       over CFDR/ZBVI/YVOD mess. [Connelly*D-MA] 
 800  NETHERLANDS ANTILLES  Trans-World Radio, PJB, Bonaire, SEP 18 2329 
       - R. Transmundial jingle followed by PP talk by women; atop 
       domestics. [Connelly*D-MA] 
 810  BRAZIL  R. Verdes Mares, ZYH589, Fortaleza, SEP 18 2331 - man & 
       woman in PP; in jumble. [Connelly*D-MA]
 830  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  TBN, Basseterre, SEP 18 2332 - EE preacher 
       talking about what it takes to be a hero; way over WCRN (which 
       had Irish show // WROL-950). [Connelly*D-MA]
 895  ST. KITTS & NEVIS  VON, Bath Village, SEP 18 2335 - female vocal; 
       fair peak. [Connelly*D-MA] 
 940  VENEZUELA  R. Fe y Alegria, YVLU, Campo Mata, SEP 19 0115 - 
       religious-sounding song, then Fe y Alegria mention; in jumble. 
1020  VENEZUELA  R. Margarita, YVRS, La Asuncion, SEP 19 0012 - tropical 
       music, Margarita mention; to good peak. [Connelly*D-MA]
1100  ANTIGUA  R. ZDK, St. John's, SEP 19 0002 - // BBCWS outlets on 
       1160, 1197, & 5975 with EE news mentioning Kosovo; excellent. 
1160  BERMUDA  VSB3, Hamilton, SEP 18 2359 - BBCWS // 1197 and 5975 with 
       "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams, female presenter mentioned "at 
       the top of the international charts on this date in 1991".  World 
       Service ID followed.  Good, well over WVNJ/WOBM. [Connelly*D-MA]
1280  BERMUDA  VSB2, Hamilton, SEP 18 2355 - typical religious program 
       with folksy early '70s style "around the campfire" group vocals; 
       well over the WADO/WFAU/WEIM mix. [Connelly*D-MA]
1375.02  ST. PIERRE ET MIQUELON  RFO, SEP 6 0010 - local- like with a 
       majestic orchestra accompanying a male FF vocal. [Connelly*P-MA]
1459.1  unID  SEP 18 2351 - het of undetermined origin, probably South 
       American. [Connelly*D-MA]
1610  ANGUILLA  Caribbean Beacon, The Valley, SEP 18 2345 - EE 
       discussion of Scriptures; good, over TIS's. [Connelly*D-MA]




Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxx

1290  KMRZ  San Bernardino CA. Anyone suggest a way to verify this one 
       please? Perhaps someone could kindly provide me with a recent 
       address or v/s, or even e-mail address???




Pat Martin - Seaside Or - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1010  KGUY  OR, MILWAUKEE, rec. QSL letter in 20d from: Michael D. 
       Brown-CE. Address: Brown Broadcast Services, 3740 SW Comus 




Pat Martin - Seaside Or - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

Does anyone know when KBOI is going to change their pattern, up to 6
towers? Are they stil operating with 12.5 KW ND now?


    phil bytheway - Seattle WA - philip_bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Tabulated from WWV at ~0518 GMT nightly

    Geomagnetic Summary September 16 1999 through September 22 1999

  8/16   158    26    3    moderate    quiet-mis           -
    17   158    12    2    moderate    quiet-unsettled     -
    18   152    16    2    low         quiet-active        -
    19   149     9    2    low         quiet-unsettled     -
    20   145     7    2    low         quiet-unsettled     -
    21   147    10    3    low         quiet-unsettled     -
  8/22   140    29    5    low         quiet-mas           mis 1222


END of 9/23/99 IRCA's "AM DX NewsFlash"
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