[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings

Hi all,

5005, Radio Nepal - Khumaltar, Oct 23, 0015-0030, Nepali, news about the
presently ongoing Dashain festival, special celebrations in Ghorka
municipality, His Majesty King Birendra has conveyed his congratulations
and best wishes for success to Mr. Abdur Rahaman Wahid upon his election as
president of Indonesia, Mr. Mukund Sharma - the present Undersecretary for
Parliamentary Affairs - has been instructed to form a commitee in order to
investigate recent bloodshed and unrest in Hetauda, Ghorka and Khosaikund
municipalities believed to be the result of killings of farmers by
(allegedly) Maoist activists, weather for Kathmandu, Phokara and the rest
of the kingdom followed by traditional Newar musik, fair to weak, 33322 (Roth)

4860, AIR - Delhi, Oct 23, 0032-0040, Hindi, short announcements and
Bengali folkmusic, very good signal, 45544 (Roth)

4840, AIR - Mumbai, Oct 23, 0041-0055, Hindi, male presenter with phone-in
and canned ads, fair signal, 33333 (Roth)

4790, Azad Kashmir Radio - Islamabad, Oct 23, 0057-0112, Kashmiri, non-stop
talk with General Pervez Musharaff frequently mentioned, fair with some
fading, 33333 (Roth)

73 de Thomas
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