[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings



11940.3, National Voice of Cambodia; Phnom-Penh, Oct. 22, 1159-1218, Open
carrier, followed by ID in English twice (by female speaker). Then slow
music with female vocals, last song also with male vocals. At 1213 S/off
annoucement by male, with muffled audio. IS-like tune, at 1214 followed by
male ID in French. Short piece of music, then news. Short transmitterbreak
at 1216 UTC. 34433 at best. (Veldhuis)


4003.2, RRI; Padang, Oct. 23, 1544-1555*, Chants, followed by male speaker
with (religious?) talk in Bahasa Indonesia. At 1548 song with male vocals
and percussion. Canned RRI ID at 1553, followed by soft song (wonder if that
was 'Love Ambon', which some RRI stations play at S/off. Also heard on
4753.3 at 1557, just before Ujung Pandang signed off). Off in the middle of
that song at 1555. 24333 (Veldhuis)

4874.5, RRI; Sorong, Oct. 22, 2100, IS untill seconds after 2100, then RRI
ID and talk in Indonesian. Weak signal, through the buzz that is caused by
presumably a light-dimmer of my neighbours. Thanks to Michael Schnitzer's
tip in hard-core-DX. (Veldhuis)


7100, Radio Japan; Yamata, Oct. 22, 1712-1715, Male speaker with news in
English, ID, male and female talk. 32432. // 15355 (via Moyabi, Gabon).


5005, Radio Nepal; Khumaltar, Oct. 22, 1452-1514, Male and female speaker in
Nepali, short musical interludes. Tentative ID, followed by long piece of
instrumenatal music (appr. 13 minutes). At 1531 short announcement by male,
followed by more music. 24443 (Veldhuis)


11092.5 USB, Radio St. Helena, Oct. 23, 1858. S/on with chimes and anthem,
ID, mention of MW and SW frequencies. At 1901 opening announcement by Tony
Leo. Tony announced this is the last transmission, and explained why.
Someone of Cable and Wireless talked with Tony about the SW transmitter the
station uses. At 1912, there was a short break. Back at 1913, with
apologies. "It was a human error". SINPO 24433 at first, getting stronger
while listening. Some deep fades, but overall very listenable. (Veldhuis)

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis, the Netherlands.
Receiver: JRC NRD-535
Antenna: 20 meter longwire.
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