[HCDX]: one more...
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[HCDX]: one more...

Hi again,

couldn´t sleep so I stole out of bed and to the radio again... ;-)

5005, Radio Nepal - Khumaltar, Oct 28, 0015-0045, Nepali, news, after the
conclusion of the Dashain festival many members of parliament have
pressured Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai to clamp down hard on
corruption within the government, a delegation of villagers from the
western hill regions, mainly from Dhime district, have presented formal
complaints to the Prime Minister over harassment by Maoist insurgents, on
top of that, they say, they are also harassed by the local police now,
pretending to carry out 'Security Checks', policemen check the luggage of
travelling villagers and steal their valuables, Nepal has signed a
so-called 'Air Service Agreement' with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and the
UAE, so far 'Royal Nepal Airlines' services only nine countries with twelve
destinations, other Nepalese airlines are expected to take up flights to
the new destinations for the time being, yesterday the government decided
to raise the price of diesel by 48% and kerosene by 23%, the decision is
explained with the recent price rise for fuels in India (if I know my
Nepalis, they´ll be on a country wide general strike already !!!), fair
signal with occasional stretches of fading, 33333 (Roth)

73 de Thomas

P.S. I tried to send this off right after it was written, but my mailserver
was on the blink. So, here comes with a few hours delay... ;-)
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