[HCDX]: more logs
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[HCDX]: more logs

Hi again,

3450, Radio Veritas - Monrovia (presumed), Oct 27, 2035-2045, English, news
program, Monrovia and Dr. Charles Taylor mentioned, very weak with deep
fading and UTE QRM, 22222 at best (Roth)

3356.4, Radio Botswana - Gaborone (presumed), Oct 27, 2046-2055, Vn,
non-stop African music, very distorted moulation and weak with rapid
fading, could this be yesterdays UNID ??? If so //4820 sounded equally bad,
23322 (Roth)

3265.2, RRI Bengkulu - Bengkulu, Oct 27, 2056-2125, Indonesian, gamelan
music and 'Stasion Radio Republik Indonesia regional satu Bengkulu, dengan
warta berita' followed by (presumably) the news and dangdut songs, weak to
fair with deep fading and slight QRM possibly by RTV Congolaise, 23322 (Roth)

3240, UNID, Oct 27, 2130-2140, gamelan music (sounds like) and short
announcement (unintelligible), very weak with deep fading on otherwise
clear frequency, any news whether or not RRI Ambon is on-air again ???,
23322 (Roth)

4842, Radio Mauritanie - Nouakchott, Oct 27, 2145-2155, French, non-stop
talk with very muffled modulation, fair signal 33333 (Roth)

73 de Thomas
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