[HCDX]: Mini DX-Camp in CZE
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[HCDX]: Mini DX-Camp in CZE


during a Mini DX-Camp in north-west part of the Czech Republic (near Usti
nad Labem) I heard several interesting stations.

DATE:  October 25-27, 1999
HOUSE: Isolated cottage in low noise enviroments
ANT: 2x180 m LW, 2x50 m LW
RX:  AOR AR7030

  684.00  Belgrade (YUG) - although still on low power, a constant signal
(S6) from morning until evening (much stronger during the night, of course)

1377.00  Radio Stantsiya Yunost, Yekaterinburg, Siberia (0000 UTC)

1377.00  Radio Free Africa, Tanzania; "VOA Music Mix" fair at 0030 UTC

1395.00  Yerevan, Armenia; increadibly strong signal at 0200 UTC

1485.00  Haagstad Radio (HOL) Hindustani programming, low power

1521.00  Mayak, tx Kazan, Siberia  (1600 UTC)

1521.00  CRI Beijing - Russian program already heard before 1300 UTC

1600.76  Greece with ERA programming  // 1080 kHz

1670.00  WRNC Warner Robins, GA (0530 UTC)


STRANGE SOUND (interupted instrumental music - more silence than music)
heard on 792 kHz (stronger) and 1494 kHz (weaker) on Oct 27 at
...0130...0200... UTC.

DIGITAL-like SOUND being observed on 1341 kHz (nothing on 1350 kHz, reported
by somebody few months ago). Weak but noticable under BBC Ulster.



Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic
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