Re: [HCDX]: DX reports wanted for Web page
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Re: [HCDX]: DX reports wanted for Web page

--- WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Greetings to all.  I'm looking for logging reports of
> longwave and medium wave stations (150 to 2500 kHz)
> made between 8 and 25 October 1999.  

The following logs were all made at a MARE DXpedition at
Brighton State Recreational Area outside Brighton Michigan,
USA. We were in a "primitive" cabin with no electricity or
other conveniences. My receiver was a Sony ICF-2010
connected to a 1000 foot non-terminated beverage that ran
in a more or less southerly direction through the woods. On
Friday evening (Oct 23 UTC morning) we had a nice auroral
opening, as evidenced by the logs below. A number of Cubans
were also noted, but not logged, plus several other unids.
Good reception of southern US stations was also noted. The
following evening there continued to be good reception of
southern US stations, but little was noted from Latin

Don Moore  mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx
Usual DX QTH: Davenport, Iowa, USA

COLOMBIA 650 Antena Dos, Bogota 0228-0232 Ad for Cafe Sello
Rojo, sports, ID. Good. (Moore MI Oct 23)
	720 Emisoras Unidas, Baranquilla 0233 String of ads
mentioning Barranquilla. Also heard at 0306 with an ad for
the Loteria de Santander.
	920.2 Emisora Fuentes, Cartagena 0145 ID and anmts. Fair
in USB mode to escape het and QRM. (Moore MI Oct 23)
	1170 Caracol, Cartagena 0119-0123 Sports talk, ID, PSA by
Corporacion Nacional de Ahorro y Vivienda. Excellant and
interference free signal. (Moore MI Oct 23)

PANAMA Radio Reforma 0056-0105 Ads mentioning Chitre and
definite ID. Fair. Larry Russell had a better signal on his
spiral loop than I did on my 1000 foot southerly beverage!
(Moore MI  Oct 23)

VENEZUELA 750 Radio Caracas Radio 0245 Venezuelan baseball
// 850 kHz. Fair. I've always wondered if Radio Caracas
Radio has a Department of Redundancy Department. (The
reason for the repitition is to distinguish it from Radio
Caracas Television.) (Moore MI Oct 23)
	850 RV-850 Valencia 0040-0250+ Presumed the one with
beisbol between the Leones de Caracas and Aguilas de Zulia.
The other YV on this frequency is religous, so not likely
to have this type of programming. Noted usually on top with
fair signals at various times during this period. // 750
kHz. (Moore MI Oct 23)
	940 UNID 0155 At times three Latins mixing on this
frequency. Heard one ad giving prices in Bolivares (the
Venezuelan currency). Punto Fijo most likely. Poor. (Moore
MI Oct 23)
	1080 Radio Barcelona 0132-0135 ID given as I tuned in,
then back to baseball. // 1110. Fair. (Moore MI  Oct 23)
	1110 UNID 0123+ Venezuelan baseball // 1080 noted at
various times. Fair signal mixing with domestic station.
Probably Carupano as it is in the same net as Radio
Barcelona. (Moore MI Oct 23)

Don Moore     mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx
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