[HCDX]: ## PY0S, trip delayed... ##
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[HCDX]: ## PY0S, trip delayed... ##



The Brazilian Navy, through the Secretariat of the Comission of
Ocean Resources has just announced another postponement (ATT.
"NOT CANCELLATION"...) of the journey in which a ship take us to
the DXpedition to the archipelago of the St Peter & St Paul,
1.100 KM from Natal (PS7 land), Brazil.

The main reason given, was the flooding caused by very high tide
in early morning hours of 25 of October. The force of the waters
destroyed part wooden house structure where four persons was
asleep at the time.

Today, 28 of October, Comm. Geraldo, from Brazilian Navy, who 
is responsible for the training and traffic of the personel
authorized to access, arrived with a group of technicians in
Natal, and immediately departed to inspect the damage in the
archipelago. His return to Natal should be around 6 or 7 of
November. As soon as possible, we will be releasing all the 
information in various DX bulletins and hopefully provide a 
new shedule for DXpedition.

We must point out that until now, we incurred a good deal of
monetary expenses to realize the DXpedition. Obviously, the 
decision to delay the DXpedition is for reason out of our

The operators Karl PS7KM (ZX0SK) and Tino PT7AA (ZW0SP), were
ready and waiting for call from the Brazilian Navy to embark
on the ship on 03 of November of 1999.

We wish to express our regrets to the amateur radio communities
of the unfortunate turn to events, but will keep everyone
well informed as soon as information is gathered. 

Vy 73,

Natal DX Group
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