[HCDX]: Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 02:45:00 +0100
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[HCDX]: Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 02:45:00 +0100


A few loggings:

4000.1, RRI; Kendari (presumed), Oct. 30, 1533-1553*, Soft Indonesian
popmusic, female speaker in Bahasa Indonesia, tentative ID at 1550,
instrumental song. Off at 1553. 24332 at best. (Veldhuis)

4925, RRI; Jambi, 1501-1514, Oct. 30, Still with SCI IS at 1501, then male
speaker with RRI ID and news in Bahasa Indonesia. Mention of Timor,
Megawati, etc. Long pauses between the news intems. At 1511 "Bagimu Negri",
followed by local ID with mention of "meter" and "FM". 34433 (Veldhuis)

11785, Voice of Indonesia; Cimanggis, 1747-1803, Oct. 30, Male talk in
Spanish, IDs, Indonesian songs. At 1759 S/off announcements, followed by
open carrier untill almost 1803 UTC, when TC and ID in German. Audio
overmodulated. This frequency replaces 15150 (nominal, mostly heard on
15149.8 kHz.). The German announcer announced 9525, 11755 and 11785, but I
believe they are only on the last mentioned frequency. Checked the others,
nothing heard. The 31 MB. frequency has been used in the recent past, not
sure about 11755. 44444 (Veldhuis)

Mark Veldhuis
20 meter longwire.
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