[HCDX]: Who is this kurdish?
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[HCDX]: Who is this kurdish?

Hi all,
we have listen this today in Italy:

3900    31/10,1605-1835  UNID from Kurdistan (Voice of Arabic Kurdistan?)
YM tlk in kurdish: "...Kurdistan..." - kurdish mx  - tlk - like an ID: "inah
Kurdistan arab..." repeated - tlk - mx - "Kurdistan arab" - @ 1703 off - on
again @ 1750 in Arabic: YM tlk in arabic: "...Saddam... Baghdad... alladina
kalimata..." - arabic mx - YM tlk - islamic mx  - ID: "idahatu Kurdistan
al-'Arabiyah" - tlk - mx - tlk - @ 1830 ID: "Kurdistan al-Arabiyah" - mx -

This station is not in // with 4058.2 (Voice of People of Kurdistan) and
4085 (Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan), togeter active.
Who is? Voice of Arabic Kurdistan, as it seems, from ID?
Here was reported Voice of Iraq. This don't seems Iraq...

Thank you all for help!

Salvo Micciché and Enrico Oliva,
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