Re: [HCDX]: Who is this kurdish?
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Re: [HCDX]: Who is this kurdish?

Hello Salvo Micciché and Enrico Oliva,

Voice of the Iraqi People is listed here: o4oo-o5oo, 173o-183o/1845v, (-1h
in summer), ID: "Idha'at sawt al-sha'b al-Iraqi, idha'at al-hizb al-shuyu'i
al-'Iraqi", Surani-Kurdish.: "Era dengi Gel-y Iraqi", Op: Iraqi Communist
Party, 3899.8-3955v, // 4759.5v.

R. Baghdad had been using this frequency too in 12/98.

This is from the Tropical Band List TBL - do you know it?

Anyway, I will check the frequency to find out who's on and how variable
the schedule is.


>Hi all,
>we have listen this today in Italy:
>3900    31/10,1605-1835  UNID from Kurdistan (Voice of Arabic Kurdistan?)
>YM tlk in kurdish: "...Kurdistan..." - kurdish mx  - tlk - like an ID: "inah
>Kurdistan arab..." repeated - tlk - mx - "Kurdistan arab" - @ 1703 off - on
>again @ 1750 in Arabic: YM tlk in arabic: "...Saddam... Baghdad... alladina
>kalimata..." - arabic mx - YM tlk - islamic mx  - ID: "idahatu Kurdistan
>al-'Arabiyah" - tlk - mx - tlk - @ 1830 ID: "Kurdistan al-Arabiyah" - mx -
>This station is not in // with 4058.2 (Voice of People of Kurdistan) and
>4085 (Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan), togeter active.
>Who is? Voice of Arabic Kurdistan, as it seems, from ID?
>Here was reported Voice of Iraq. This don't seems Iraq...
>Thank you all for help!
>Salvo Micciché and Enrico Oliva,

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