R: [HCDX]: France & Malta
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R: [HCDX]: France & Malta

I regularly listen to Radio Malta 999 in Sicily from many many years. No
night trasmission.
Bye Bye

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From: Bengt Ericson <bengt.ericson@xxxxxxxxx>

> I have been visiting France last week. Acc.to reports there shall be Radio
> Bleue transmitters of 1 kW in Mulhouse and St Brieuc on 1044 & 1197 kHz. I
> stayed in both cities, but no signals on the indicated frequencies. Is
> there any HCDX reader in France that can confirm ??
> The week before I visited the island of Crete and had a wonderful daytime
> reception of Radio Malta on 999 kHz. According to their announcements they
> closed the daily program at 24.00 LT and no night transmissions could be
> traced. Is there any HCDX reader in the reguion that can check ?
> Best regards/
> Bengt

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