[HCDX]: a few logs
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[HCDX]: a few logs

Hi all,

5015, Radio Ashkabat - Ashkabat, Nov 1, 2230-2235, Vn, two males talking
and Turkmen folk music with string instruments, very good signal, 44444 (Roth)

5010.3, Guangxi EBS - Nanning (presumed), Nov 1, 2236-2245, Vn, language
didn´t quite sound like Mandarin, music 'Chinese Opera style' (sounds
like), very weak but on otherwise clean frequency, 23332 (Roth)

4960.4, Radio Hanoi 2 - Hanoi (presumed), Nov 1, 2247-2305, Vietnamese, on
the hour time pips and possible ID fragments '...tieng noi...tan tu...tu do
nuok...', non-stop talk, weak signal with deep fading, 23322 (Roth)

4845, RTM Kuala Lumpur - Kajang (presumed), Nov 1, 2305-2313, Vn, language
was definitely not Malay, sounded more like Hindi - possibly Tamil,
non-stop talk, weak signal with deep fading and occasional UTE QRM, 23322

4820, Xizang PBS - Lhasa (presumed but almost sure), Nov 1, 2315-2330,
non-stop music and singing with two very short announcements, an instrument
was used that sounded very much like a 'phiwang' - a traditional Tibetan
four string instrument, modulation was a bit muffled but the singing
sounded Tibetan, possibly East Tibetan (Amdo or Kham) folk dances, fair
signal with occasional deep fading, 33333 (Roth)

73 de Thomas
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