Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900
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Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900

On the website of Radio Netherlands, part Medianetwork - "Radio Show"
( there is an announcement about
the fact that "later in November Medianetwork will look in more detail at
the new Grundig Satellit 800, a joint development between the US
manufacturer of Drake and Grundig North America. One of the predecessors,
the Satellit 650, was made in Portugal. This later set is made in the
Peoples Republic of China. Medianetwork will talk to the person who has
developed the project and will ask why the receiver is not expected in
Europe for some time".

That's all according to Medianetwork. I hope the broadcast later in November
will give an answer to (a part of) your questions.

Henk Poortvliet

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Van: Karel Honzik <karel.honzik@xxxxxx>
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Datum: maandag 1 november 1999 3:42
Onderwerp: Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900

>>>  I think it is a bit strange that new receivers (Satellite 800 and
>>>  900) were announced on several WEB sites (like
>>> ), incl. pictures, but the
>>>  official sites of Grundig ( and ) do not
>>>  mention these new products at all !!??
>>Karel wrote.
>>It becomes a bit less strange if your take into account that the Satellite
>>800 is a project of Grundig USA, which is quite a different company from
>>Grundig Germany. More than one time I had to tell the press people at
>>Germany that Grundig USA developed some new shortwave receivers or changed
>>the colour of a model. The official communications between Grundig USA and
>>Grundig Germany seems to be quite close to zero. In the meantime Grundig
>>Germany certainly should know about the Satellite 800, just because many
>>people phoned them for getting more details. ;-) But I believe it is not
>>certain at this time that the radio will also be sold in Europe.
>thanks for your explanation. It seems I am still living with an assumption
>that there is one big German company called GRUNDIG, which is responsible
>for its branches around the world - what is in fact not true anymore. Now I
>understand all the consequences - thanks to you and others who responded to
>my contribution to this list.
>GOOD DX (also with the new Satellites),
>Karel Honzik,
>the Czech Republic
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