[HCDX]: DX-Loggings
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[HCDX]: DX-Loggings

Hello to all,


4796.4  Radio Maico, Uyuni, November 1, 2320-2340, Spanish, quickly speaking
man, seemed to be a sports commentary, child's song, Uyuni mentioned, IDs,
very weak signal.  SINPO 13221 generally, some peaks with SINPO 23222


6520.4  Radio Paucartambo, November 1, 2305-2315, Spanish, huayño music,
time announcement.  SINPO  23222

6535.7  Radio Difusora Huancabamba, November 1, 2315-2320, Spanish, music of
the Andes, mensajes, ID.  SINPO  23222

PS: I could receive the Peruvian stations exclusively with the DX-One
antenna. The long wire produced too much noise. The audio-quality of the
Bolivian improved too switching over to the DX-One.

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer
Receiver: JRC NRD-525
Antenna: 25m longwire & DX-One Professional
Location: Hassfurt, Germany
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