Re: [HCDX]: a few logs
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Re: [HCDX]: a few logs

At 10:01 02.11.99 +0200, you wrote:
>In Finland, on the 27th of Oct at 2230 UTC, I logged CNR 2 (unknown
>location) on 5010 kHz in parallel with 9775 kHz.  No trace of Guangxi EBS,
>which I had preferred of course.

>>5010.3, Guangxi EBS - Nanning (presumed), Nov 1, 2236-2245, Vn, language
>>didn´t quite sound like Mandarin, music 'Chinese Opera style' (sounds
>>like), very weak but on otherwise clean frequency, 23332 (Roth)

Hi Pentii and all,

the location for CNR2 should be Beijing. I also suspected them and checked
9775 but the station on 5010.3 was not // with 9775. What bugs me, is that
the language didn´t sound like Mandarin. Still, in the absence of a
positive ID I can only 'presume' Guangxi... 

Will check again tonight.

73 de Thomas
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