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Re: [HCDX]: Re: [A-DX] R. New Zealand Log...

At 07:23 02.11.99 -0500, you wrote:
>This a.m. 02 Nov. 1100 utc I checked 17675 to find R. New Zealand
>English broadcast of a sports program call in talk show.  Complete with
>stinking adverts.  Mostly Florida area adverts.  540 mw broadcast.  Sports
>radio 540 The Team as an id. at 1148.
>Male and female hosts obsessed with lipstick. What garbage.....  Never any
>other ID heard but 540 The Team.  At the top of the hour, 1200 utc, 6 time
>pips and the R. New Zealand id given plus freq. listings.  Confused why they
>would use this as a test.
>Bob Montgomery

Also heard that, with s/off shortly after 1200. Was wondering what the
'lipstick on my moustache'-bit was about...

However, the signal was HUGE !!! Constantly standing at about S9+10 here in
North Germany. What interests me most is whether or not this broadcast at
this time is going to be a regular ???

73 de Thomas
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