Re: [HCDX]: Sony ICF-2001-trouble
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Re: [HCDX]: Sony ICF-2001-trouble

>I've just got a second-hand Sony ICF-2001/ICF-2010 in good shape.
>Unfortunately it keeps forgetting the frequencies stored in the memory. The
>former owner have changed the back-up battery several times and cleaned the
>small metal clips, where the litherium battery is placed. 
>Are there someone out there, who have the same problem and know how to solve it?

The problem is that the cavity for the 2 AA cells that provide the memory backup is just a little too large for some batteries.  Mallory (Duracell) batteries in particular are problematic, as they're a little bit too small, and get jostled.  Energizers work a little better, but sometimes lose power too.  I've seen a number of cures published, involving soldering capacitors in to the circuit and the like, but the best, least invasive cure I've found is to wrap a little bit of scotch tape around the AA batteries, two or three turns, to effectively widen them a bit.  After I did that with my first 2010, I never had the memory loss problem again.
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