[HCDX]: Nov 2/3 logs
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[HCDX]: Nov 2/3 logs

Hi all,

4915, Ghana BC - Tema, Nov 2, 2330-2355, English, African instrumental
music and ID 'eleven fortyfive - this is Radio Ghana', followed by regional
news, at 2355 into Vn, very clear signal with UNID right underneath,
sometimes traces of English were heard but remained unidentifiable, 43444

4986, UNID, Nov 2, 2355-0000, very faint music, on the hour six time pips
and off the air, anyone ??? (Roth)

4835.6, Radio Tezulutlan - Coban (presumed), Nov 3, 0003-0013, faint
non-stop latino-style music, nothing heard on //3370, weak with deep
fading, 23322 (Roth)

4830, Radio Tachira - San Cristobal, Nov 3, 0015-0020, Spanish, music with
short announcements and one 'Radio Tachira' thrown in, fair signal with
some fading, 33333 (Roth)

4800, AIR Chennai - Hyderabad, Nov 3, 0025-0040, Hindi/English, s/on with
ID 'Akashvani Hyderabad' and right into traditional vocal music, at 0035
'this is All India Radio - the news read by Arjun...', mainly about Orissa
crisis and LTTE claims of having overrun Army posts in Sri Lanka, then back
into Hindi, booming signal with occasional slight UTE QRM, 43444 (Roth)

5005, Radio Nepal - Khumaltar, Nov 3, 0045-0055, Nepali, devotional Newar
Vajracharya songs from Svayambhunath (life ??? - the time of day would be
right), fair to weak, 23322 (Roth)

5010, AIR Chennai - Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 3, 0056-0110, Hindi, non-stop
Bengali music, fair signal, 33333 (Roth)

73 de Thomas
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