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Re: [HCDX]: Re: [A-DX] R. New Zealand Log...

Hi Robert,

This was not a test.. Radio New Zealand International relay the sports
channel "Radio Sport" who use WQTM 540's ESPN programming as a filler...
there may have been a break in transmission between games at the Rugby World
Cup or in coverage of the India vs. New Zealand cricket match.

We unlucky people in NZ hear WQTM via all the Radio Sport stations when the
local sports coverage ends usually in the early evenings, our ears being
bombarded by "The Team" through the night - talking about American sports
that few Kiwis are familiar with... why they don't just turn them off or
leave dead-air I don't know... though I do know why I wish they would!

Anyway, such relay programming will fortunately be rare on RNZI... (I

73s Paul

> This a.m. 02 Nov. 1100 utc I checked 17675 to find R. New Zealand
> English broadcast of a sports program call in talk show.  Complete with
> stinking adverts.  Mostly Florida area adverts.  540 mw broadcast.  Sports
> radio 540 The Team as an id. at 1148.
> Male and female hosts obsessed with lipstick. What garbage.....  Never any
> other ID heard but 540 The Team.  At the top of the hour, 1200 utc, 6 time
> pips and the R. New Zealand id given plus freq. listings.  Confused why
> would use this as a test.
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