[HCDX]: Aquí Madrid!.
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[HCDX]: Aquí Madrid!.

Some MW logs from the Spain's Capital.

ANT: loop 1m. not amplified


1377     21.10   African & Occ. music, no talk between songs. Suff.
1377     21.35   Asian Sound R., adv. in EE, talk in hindi. Insuff
1390     22.49   WISA, Isabela, Puerto Rico. Political speech. Suff
1390     22.55   R. Fe Y Alegría, Caracas. ID: "Fe y Alegría está
                         pressentando 'México y sus Canciones'". Suff.


1440     04.31   Radio Unica, USA, adv. in spanish, Station????
1377     22.59   R. Free Africa, Tanzania, Clear ID, strong signal!
1566     22.20   B. Abass, Iran. // 15084. Insuff
1386     22.28   Ahwaz, Iran. // 15084. 9+20 db!
1440     22.40   African music under Saudi Arabia, R. One ?
1450     23.54   Big Mess here!, with a dominant station playing
                         oldies ans slogans like "This is the home of
                         America's best music". Heard a station with talk
                          in french at 01.20
1470      03.41   XEAI, México. ID between songs "Radio A-I", suff

Saludos desde España.


Mauricio Molano.  
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