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Re: [HCDX]: Re: [A-DX] R. New Zealand Log...

Hi All,

> Bob: They are relaying the execrable domestic ZB Sports network of 1ZB,
> 3ZB, 4ZB and others.

Nope.. they are relaying The Radio Network's "Radio Sport" program, and they
aren't for the soldiers in Timor! These are fillers during delays in the
Rugby World Cup and NZ vs. India cricket coverage..

>Program cuts over several years have meant more and
> more relays, but usually it is of the more upmarket National program (The
> stations et al). The old call-signs live on in abbreviated form....

And they do still run National Radio when not on RNZI programming...
> I enjoy the National programming as a link to my other homeland, but have
> learned to avoid the weekend (generally) sports days like the plague...

Keep listening! RNZI & National Radio are very good....

73s Paul

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