Re: [HCDX]: Sony ICF-2001-trouble
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Re: [HCDX]: Sony ICF-2001-trouble

If anyone has ever cracked open a 2010 as I have, be very careful not to
bend the battery contact points.  You are in for some real fun if you do.
Not sure what Sony was thinking when they came up with the method they used
when building such a fine radio.  I have repaired several for friends and
have seen where the contact points after years of being bounced around get
scratch and need to be resoldered.  Sort of a glob of solder at the contact
point on the PCB.  This adds a little more tension to the contact points.
This is both for the D batteries as well as the AA batteries.  Ralph's idea
of placing the tape on the AA batteries works but would forget about the cap
across the contacts.  You first have to correct the battery position as no
power, no memories...  Also check to make sure the screws holding the back
on are snug as I have seen one where the screws had loosened up and caused
the problem where the battery contacts did not touch the PCB but on

The 2010 with the AN-1 antenna has to be the best portable dx machine ever
built.  Add a couple of Kiwa filters and what a radio....
Bob Montgomery
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