[HCDX]: New site: The Italian HF Archive !
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[HCDX]: New site: The Italian HF Archive !

Hello to all,

there is a new website about Shortwave trasmission site in Italy."The
Italian HF
Archive" is full of information and photos of all the HF site in Italy, from 
broadcasting station to utility station. 
Here is the url:


Now you can find information about this stations:

Rai Prato Smeraldo Short Wave Site, Roma
Rai Longwave & Shortwave site Caltanissetta 
Rai Medium Wave site, Santa Palomba Roma

IAR Roma Radio, Shortwave Coast Station
IPP Palermo Radio, Coast Station
CIRM - International Radio-Medical Centre (Radio Station IRM)
SalCost Salini Costruttori
IGN - Protezione Civile Roma

More station will follows in the next days (AWR Radio from Forli') check
"HF Archive"
every week !

Wishes,  Andrea Borgnino
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