Re: [HCDX]: Radio-clock inside radios?
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Re: [HCDX]: Radio-clock inside radios?

>Hello Karel.
>I was a little suprised when you said,your 7030 clock was more or less
>Since I purchased my 7030 I find the clock inside to be very accurate...,I
>run the receiver several months without the need to adjust it,and then only
>one - 1 - second.The receiver has been disconnected causing
>days upto 12-16 hours,and then connected again...I was really surprised
that it
>can hold such a accuracy.
>Alf Aardal

Alf (and others who wrote that their built-in clock in AR7030 is very

my AR7030 has an inaccurate clock. Before I adjusted it now, it was almost 6
minutes too late. The clock was running without adjustment for a year or so
(I do not remember the last adjustment as I do not use this built-in clock
at all because of its inaccuracy and because I have a separate radio
controlled clock staying next to the radio). It is also not too much handy
that the clock is not visible all the time. I am using another layout of the
Thanks to all for your response.

Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic
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