RE: [HCDX]: LAOS Question
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RE: [HCDX]: LAOS Question

It was reported in the latest NASWA Listener's Notes as follows:

CAMBODIA 6970 Lao National Radio Luang Prabang is active before 
2300, much mx. (12-Oct/Volk-THA/BC-DX/Bueschel-GER) 

Not that Laos is in Cambodia, but we can forgive that :-)

Richard Jary

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> Hi all,
> is there anyone on the list - preferably in the region - who could tell me
> whether or not 'Luang Prabang Radio' is active at present ??? A frequency
> they´ve used in the past is 6972kHz, sometimes varying considerably. Any
> hint would be highly appreciated !!!
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