RE: [HCDX]: Radio-clock inside radios?
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RE: [HCDX]: Radio-clock inside radios?


> does anybody know why companies producing communication
> receivers do not
> build radio-controlled clocks inside the receivers? It came
> on my mind again
> while adjusting a clock at my AOR AR7030 which is a fine receiver (and
> expensive too), but its clock is more or less inaccurate. I
> use a separate
> radio controlled clock staying near the receiver because I
> often need to
> know exact time on seconds. I think I would spare this clock
> if I had a
> similar one inside my receiver.

Different reasons. First, you don't have worldwide coverage of LF
time-signals, even DCF-77 isn't covering all parts of Europe. Second,
these stations operate on different frequencies throughout the world and
might have different coding.

> Is maybe a possible interference the problem?
> Or different time stations frequencies around the world?
> Is there any reliable sourse of exact time (via radio) in
> Asia - a similar
> one like DCF-77 here in Europe?

The japanese run a LF station. That's the reason, why they want to
switch off JJY: It's becoming superfluous.

> We have members of this list spread around the world - can
> everybody use a
> radio controlled clock? (Am I too much optimistic?)  :-)

Yes. At least my 7030 is running accurate, same accuracy like a
quartz-clock. While PC-clocks are very often extremely inaccurate.

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