[HCDX]: Africa on my radio!
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[HCDX]: Africa on my radio!

Hallo to everybody from Taranto, in the South of Italy. Here is a small
selection of logs of African stations. They were received by using an ICOM
IC R70 connected to an inverted "V" antenna. A wider selection of my tips,
together with those of about ten contributors from Europe, Oceania and
South America, is available at this url: fly.to/gadm

NB: All stations were heard on 5th November, 1999.

SWAZILAND, 4760, TWR Swaziland, 1701, End of Portoguese PX. An address in
Maputo was given by a male announcer. Then ID and S/OFF. Good. SIO 343.

NIGERIA, 6050, Radio Nigeria, 1758, English: Jingle-Id by a male voice:
"Radio Nigeria, broadcasting for the millenium". Blocked a few seconds
later by BBC'IS on same channel. Fair. Also heard, on 7255, at 1800 the
Voice of Nigeria, with IS and S/ON in French. Unfortunately, also this
channel was blocked a little later by a stronger station.

KENYA, 4885, Voice of Kenya, 1800-1815, Swahili: World News (among them the
war in Chechenya and the Pope visit to India. Nairobi was also mentioned).
At 1812 after the news short announcement followed by tribal MX.

Last but not least: I have a strong interest in African DXing. My idea is
to build a new website entirely devoted to broadcasting from Africa. So if
there is someone in the HCDX community who has the same interest and wants
to cooperate  for the materialization of this plan, then don't hesitate to
contatct me at this address: tarantodx@xxxxxxxxxxx
Any help from DXers living in Africa is particularly welcomed!!!

Antonello Napolitano 
Editor of DX Fanzine

DX Fanzine is a work-in-progress online shortwave bulletin distributed
(free of charge!) via the GADM web site and updated daily (with a few
exceptions). It contains loggings (received via E-mail) of medium and short
wave stations heard in the last 24/48 hours by DXers around the world.
Please send your loggings to tarantodx@xxxxxxxxxxx
Our web address is simply: fly.to/gadm or, alternatively: 

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