Re: [HCDX]: SWRS Sunday morning test
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Re: [HCDX]: SWRS Sunday morning test

UNID on 6219 and 6220.  Last Wednesday 03 Nov at 03 till past 04 had a copy
of what I think might have been the pirate station from Ireland but not
really sure.  The signal level was a bit low here with deep fades below
noise floor.  Played pop mx and the male announcer had a British accent.  A
number of times gave out email address which I could not get a clear copy of
and references to this is the "Pirate Connection".  Occasional jammer heard
a number of times but for short periods.  Seemed to have peaked at 0340 or
so but still audible on occasion at 04.  Then again Sat morning at 1000 utc
on 6220 with female announcer.  Not sure if same station or not as copy was
very poor.  Anyone have any ideas.  Is it possible this is the pirate
station from Ireland, Lazer Hot Hits????
I am located about 40 miles north of Philadelphia, PA in the USA.
Bob Montgomery
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