Re: [HCDX]: Radio-clock inside radios?
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Re: [HCDX]: Radio-clock inside radios?

On 4 Nov 99, at 9:44, Karel Honzik wrote:

Hello all!

> We have members of this list spread around the world - can everybody
> use a radio controlled clock? (Am I too much optimistic?)  :-)

Well, a GPS (Global Positioning System) also derives its time from 
an atomic clock and is accurate too.  It can be used from North to 
South Pole, and from London to Samoa.  Indoor reception is 
difficult in most cases however, so you need a location close to a 
window or an external (amplified) antanna to capture the signals on 
1500 MHz (or thereabouts).

Small hand-held receivers do not have a time-out port, but there are 
bigger 19" rack receivers with external antennas that are used in 
computer networks.  Come to think of it, there must also be OEM 
receiver units that could be used to build a super-accurate clock.

Best 73s
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