[HCDX]: WISA 1390 kHz
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[HCDX]: WISA 1390 kHz

Hello MW-DX-ers,
On November 2, 0200 hrs I received a Spanish speaking station on 1390 kHz (SIO 222). Conditions that time were good towards Northern part of S. America and the Caribbean (many more signals audible). After listening to a recording over and over again, I am (almost) sure that the stations is WISA, Isabela, Puerto Rico (tentatively heard part of call sign and Isabela + Puerto Rico mentioned). However, two times within a very short time they used an identification like  "Esta es La Voz (two words not understood)...." Sounds like "del Evangelio" or similar. I do not know if this makes sense in Spanish or not. However, just before 0200 there was a Spanish religious program with English translation and/or comments.
In my list the name of WISA is given as "R. Noroeste".
Does someone of you know if WISA uses a slogan that would fit above details and/or if WISA carries religious programmes at that time ? Slogan could also be the name of the specific program of course.
Aart Rouw
Bühl, Germany
AR7030 + 15 m longwire