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Conditions here have been nothing special: big blasters
like Saudi Arabia - 1521, France - 1467, Croatia - 1134,
UK - 1215, and Norway - 1314 have been reasonably strong,
but no particularly rare DX (e.g. no hint of India - 1566).

Good luck and DX to the Sheigra crew and the rest of you.

73 ... Mark


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
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On 11/07/99 14:37:11 you wrote:
>>Hi All,
>> I just received a phone call from Steve up at Sheigra, he
>>asked me to pass out a warning that MW conditions have been excellent,
>>and they've been hearing a number of UK firsts, including stations
>>from Alaska, Japan and Taiwan from 2pm onwards.
>> Looking at the solar forecast, these good conditions
>>could peak this evening before the Ap index shoots up again, so
>>be sure to try and check out the band for any good openings. There
>> 73 for now, Alan.
>I think there were bad condx in the night 5/6 NOV, at least here. There were
>also no pre-Sunrise conditions this morning (NOV 6). As my experience says,
>excellent condx do not usually repeat next night - when I allerted my
>DX-friends in the past to watch MW on the following night, my prediction
>usually failed and those who were not sitting at their receivers at the
>right time, did not hear what I heard the night before...
>Here in the middle of Europe it is of course different than up there in
>Sheigra, the condx must be really good to hear something new...
>Karel Honzik
>the Czech Republic

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