Re: [HCDX]: SA MW Bandscan
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Re: [HCDX]: SA MW Bandscan

On 11/07/99 18:29:05 you wrote:
>Did you note the error on 1521 for Vatican R., this should be 1530. Maybe
>just make sure yr PDF file has this change. The bandscan I accidentally
>posted to HCDX has this alteration on it already.
>By the way, how do convert from MS Excel to PDF. Is there a special prog
>that does that or does Adobe itself have that facility?

Hello Vince.  I corrected the Vatican entry prior to file
conversion.  I have the "full up" Adobe Acrobat program
that creates PDF's out of various other applications.
This program costs about US $220.  It, of course, also
includes the free PDF reader program that anyone can get
off the Web.

I paste Excel files into Microsoft Word 97 and then run
the Adobe conversion on the Word file.  That seems to
work better than going straight to PDF from Excel.

I'm surprised that your list didn't include any western
hemisphere stations.  Certainly some of the big Brazilians
(1280, etc.) should be audible on a fairly regular basis.

Re unID's: 630 AA probably Tunisia, 765 Saudi Arabia,
774 Egypt most likely (though Morocco also there),
801 Jordan likely: check 1494, 9830, 11935 possible //'s,
837 Canaries and Spain synchros, 864 most likely Egypt -
often a big signal here in MA an hour after local sunset,
936 and 999 could be Moroccans, 1107 Egypt, 1251 FF & EE
part of Libyan external service, 1296 AA would be Sudan,
1386 might be Iran (AA is language of the Koran, so
perhaps a departure from Farsi otherwise used), 1557
France ? or Gabon ?, 1566 could be Iran or the Al
Mustaqbal clandestine from Kuwait.  AIR would not be
AA.  Usually (at 0030, the time India-1566 is most often
heard in this area, a // with 5010 and other 60-m outlets
can be established), 1584 Spain is most common here,
sometimes the Kuwait clandestine has popped up on this
channel (in addition to 1566 and 1575).


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
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