[HCDX]: some latest Maakeski loggings
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[HCDX]: some latest Maakeski loggings

This weekend I had first real dx session for many months.
Conditions weren't really suitable to any continent, but
somehow I managed to log at least something...

576   1825   UNID. Mega Radio, Schwerin? Turkish techno music
             and mostly non-stop pop/rock/disco and one obscure
             phone call in German that appeared so unexpectedly
             that the critical first half of it wasn't recorded.
981   1300   ZGRD, UNID QTH. Short period of Chinese signals,
             also on 1593 // 981. From year to year 981 stays
             as the easiest and strongest Chinese AM station.
             Might be that conditions weren't good enough, but
             I wondered why I didn't hear even the faintest
             signal of 2nd Liberty Programme 972. HLCA 972 is
             a killer who can kick even NDR out of the channel.
             Or at least used to be. 6.11.
999   0412   Talkradio, Schwerin. The station that does not
             transmit even a word of talk. 6.11.
1206  1942   Kol Israel, the only station on the frequency.
1377  2255   R Free Africa, Mwanza. A must-listen-to with very
             poor signal on empty channel. 6.11.
1544  1415   Majak on split channel. Other Majak split 1647,
             and then there was Radio Rossii on 3492. Are the
             transmitters also the same equipment used to draw
             lotto numbers? 6.11.
1700  1405   Just testing... Not Australia, but Russian pirate
             here. 6.11.
2850  1310   KCBS, along with Taiwan 3335, and a bunch of usual
             Indonesians, Indians, etc. not logged here. 6.11.
3930  2045   Laser Hot Hits, always here. 5. 6. 7.11.
4890  -1400* NBC Port Moresby, very powerful, logged with the
             interest in the closing time. Seems to be according
             to the schedule at least with Karai National Radio.
             With current schedule, provincial stations can be 
             heard only during the darkest winter. 6.11.
5805  1935   R Free London, radio news by Andy Walker. 6.11.
6240  0858   Radio Finland. Spurious signal which they just can't
             seem to be able to null away. 7.11.
9370  0345   WTJC Newport NC, always here. (Logged 0345, 
             1000, 1700 UTC) 5. 6. 7.11.
15820 1008   R Continental, Buenos Aires, via Naval Argentina.

Jari Lehtinen
Lahti Finland
Lahti Radio Hobbyists: www.jln.pp.fi
Finnish Anime Homepage: www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Teahouse/4444/
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