Re: [HCDX]: SA MW Bandscan
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Re: [HCDX]: SA MW Bandscan

> I'm surprised that your list didn't include any western
> hemisphere stations.  Certainly some of the big Brazilians
> (1280, etc.) should be audible on a fairly regular basis.
Hi Mark (& everyone else)

Yes, many Brazilians are audible in CT. Some of them used to be quite a
hindrance when trying to hear other DX to the North-West. For example 1220
(R.Globo, I think) used to boom in all night, but nowadays they generally
seem less prevalent. Colombia is also quite common but mainly in the early

I tried to feature stations from the African continent, altho' some
Europeans crept in due to being on the same bearing as most of Africa
(North). Also, don't forget that October & November is Spring in SA and the
sun only sets around 7 to 7-30PM local time in CT so there's no dark path to
Brazil until much later. In winter the Brazilians are possible from about
10PM onwards if my memory serves me correctly.

I could possibly compile an early morning bandscan so that the different
"time windows" can be compared. Around 03h00 (5AM local time) many of the
African stations have not yet signed on and the band is far more open for


Cape Town

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