[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings



4796.5, Radio Mallku, Nov. 7 2315-2350 and Nov. 8 2250-2305. Nov. 7 weak and
noisy. Had to use my JPS NF-60 notch filter to get rid of nasty tones. Heard
a man speaking in Spanish, and Bolivian music (flutes). Didn't manage to
hear an ID. Tentative mention of Santa Cruz. Then Nov. 8, much better
reception. Stronger signal, less interference. Some deep fades, but also
very strong peaks! Flute music, male speaker in Spanish. ID at 2300 UTC,
followed by a news program. They use an instrumental tune I used on a local
station in te late 80's/early 90's. It was avialbale on a cheap CD here in
the Netherlands. :-) (Veldhuis)


9725, 13749.7, Dr. Gene Scott; Cahuita, Nov. 9, 0045, AWR sold the site,
presumably to Scott. Heard weak but in the clear on 13749.7, and under Radio
Free Europe on 9725. This after a tip in rec.radio.shortwave, and a Cumbre
DX special from hans Johnson. (Veldhuis)


4850, AIR; Kohima, Nov. 7, 1541-1548, Male speaker with news in English,
main points of the news, "That is all for tonight", piece of music, followed
by what sounded like advertisements. AIR ID, program preview, talk about the
president's visit to Austria. Strong signal, with interference from presumed
Uzbekistan. 43443 (Veldhuis)

15200, AIR; Bangalore, Nov. 7, 1803-1809, Male speaker with news in English,
"This is All India Radio, giving you the news". 55444. Other Bangalore
frequencies were heard: 11620 and 7410, both strong. Delhi 9950 was strong
too, Aligarh 15075 was a little weaker. (Veldhuis)


9504.6, Radio Tacna; Tacna (tentative), Nov. 8, 2332, Weak signal with
interference from Brazilian station on 9505, which came in pretty strong.
But when I listened in LSB and used pass-band shift, I could hear a fast
talking male in Spanish (sounded like sport reports), and some short pieces
of music. (Veldhuis)

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis
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