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[HCDX]: tfw 99 5/5

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  Part 5
Year   4  Number  99  - Rome, 15 November 1999

U S A- Hi Glenn, You can print this:  No, I'm not the author of the "All
Is Not Well at VOA" series. It involves information that is several
levels above my "need to know."  We broadcasters are the bottom feeders
of the VOA hierarchy, and we are usually the last to know of management
decision making, if indeed we are ever informed.  When I share
information and opinions with the media, it is always on the record and
with attribution. That way, if there is trouble, I can get the matter
behind me as quickly as possible. When I submit articles, op ed pieces,
or even letters to the editor for publication, I also  submit them to
the IBB Office of Public Affairs for clearance, in accordance with USG
regulations. This is pro forma: I've never been denied clearance for any
publication. They can't deny clearance just because they disagree with
me, but only if I pass on classified information or pretend to
articulate official U.S. policy, things I would never do. Sometimes
management expresses its displeasure at what I've written, and sometimes
management provides useful suggestions which I incorporate into the
piece. (Kim Elliott, writing independently and not on behalf of VOA/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49, November 3)

everything else... Oct 25 they announced that all tests were negative,
but just underscores how ludicrous it is that VOA over the years was
never given a new "home" as other agencies have been over the years.
COHEN BUILDING Due to a problem with unauthorized construction in HHS
space on the 5th floor of the  Wilbur J. Cohen Building, there has been
a localized asbestos contamination problem which has resulted in
asbestos  contamination on the C St. side of the 5th floor and the
sidewalk area in the immediate vicinity of the C Street entrance. GSA
regional safety personnel have advised that they do not believe that the
contamination problem extends to space occupied by International
Broadcasting. As a precaution GSA is requiring that HHS personnel
evacuate part of the contaminated areas on the 5th floor until the
contamination is abated. For the same reason, the C. St. entrance to the
Cohen Building has been   temporarily closed. Besides the closure of the
C St. entrance, the most immediate impact to International Broadcasting
personnel will be as a result of shutting down the air handling systems
that serve all floors of the building on the C st. side between the
wings (from the 400 corridor through to the 600 corridor). The only
adverse impact that GSA anticipates within our space is a COMFORT
PROBLEM due to the restrictions on the ventilation systems. When
asbestos contamination is  remediated, GSA plans to conduct air sampling
on all floors in affected areas to ensure that there is no residual
contamination. It is anticipated that this testing will occur on Sunday
and that the building will be back to normal by Monday morning. (/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

U S A-  WHRA, Maine, 17650, at 1647 Nov 4 ID, heavy dual path echo as
this signal must have been long- and short-path simultaneously. Trouble
is, it normally skips over most of east coast North America (Glenn
Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-50, Nov. 5)

U S A-  WRMI, 7460, is now subject to Cuban commie jamming. I had
advised Jeff to absolutely keep Spanish off the new frequency, but R.
Prague's Spanish now on 7460 at 0322 Nov 4 was jammed, tho after 0330 in
Czech did not appear to be. What a threat R. Prague is now to the
Revolution!! "Spanish on a WRMI frequency? Must be those worms in
Florida. Jam 'em!!" (Glenn Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-50, Nov.

U S A- Spectrum noted starting at 0400 instead of 0406 UT Sun Nov 7 on
WWCR 5070; this show would be about the ham code requirement. Due to
wrong old VOA CW starting at 0300, and late start of correct tape, WOR
did not start until 0332:45 and the last minute or two were chopped off
(Glenn Hauser / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

U S A- George McClintock has been checking at WWCR for the 7462 spur I
previously reported and cannot hear it, but I have heard it again, on
four different receivers with a variety of internal and external
antennas, battery and AC power: Nov 11 at  1250 with Alex Scourby on
Brother Stair // very strong 7435. Distorted FMy audio, not much carrier
but enough to allow  frequency measurement on the ATS-909, actually on
7461.8. On the YB-400 I was also able to hear a matching spur around
7408, obscured by Marti on 7405. WWCR ID finally came at 1306, both on
the fundamental and the spurs. My question about why 27 kHz is a common
separation for spurs was not meant to imply that I get them often, but a
number of previous instances have been at this offset. In light of all
the above, I am quite sure that these are not receiver-produced but
transmitted. 7461.8 also audible on the DX-390 and even the old analog
ICF-5900W with nothing but its broken-off whip (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH DX
REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

U S A- The reason Marti switched from 5985 to 5980 was to allow VOA
English, Delano to Pacific, to resume 5985 for winter in the 1000-1200
period, as noted 1140 Nov 8. No Cuban jamming audible on 5985, but now
the problem is splash from Marti, also Delano! 5985 replaces 9770, which
had been excellent, but for VOA we still have Philippines on 9760,
including  Communications World-A Sat 1136 (Glenn Hauser / GH DX REPORT
99-51, Nov. 11) --- If you want to check on these and other broadcasts
from VOA, and where they're coming from, Paul Ormandy in New Zealand
e-mailed me today and gave me this Web address to try for: <
http://sds.his.com:4000/fmds_w/schedules/freqsked.txt > (Joe Hanlon,
Philadelphia / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

U S A- A lengthy chronology of the Hartman case, class-action lawsuit
against VOA over employment sex discrimination  against women, which has
dragged on since 1977 and which could ultimately cost taxpayers at least
half a gigadollar, wiping out VOA's entire budget, can be read at <
http://www.montanero.com/hartmanvusia/ >(Gary A. Marco, union steward at
VOA, WORLD OF RADIO 1011 / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

U S A- I've had a look at WGTG's records on the FCC website. They show
it is authorized to broadcast from two transmitters with the following
emission mode: "4.5K00R3E" -- that means single sideband ONLY. Altho
WGTG heavily promotes SSB, it still admittedly broadcasts partly on
regular AM, contrary to its license. BTW, with 50 kW as PEP, it gets by
with only 12.5 kW transmitter power theoretically, far less than the 50
kW minimum for US SW stations. So whenever you hear WGTG on AM, it's
illegal (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1011 / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov.

U S A- Hi Glenn, hope all is well! first off fcc has looked at operation
of this station 5 times! fcc has made extensive field inspections / full
measurements with out us knowing about it! (get the 3 inch thick USD 200
dollar inspection package from the fcc via foia) we have four page
letter from fcc (on web page) clearing us of any and all violations we
are authorized am / ssb (a form of "am") with carrier injection of full
(50 kw ) to do injection lsb/usb/ /dsb/isb/ my choice! of carrier level
setting and or mode of operation! i think wwbs has same! Except they use
filter method?? i think you lack understanding of phase shifting ssb
(phase shifting between two side bands at a 30 hz rate/ slew) with
dynamic carrier injection control tied into side band generation looks
and sounds just like full am but still side band at any one point in
time (meets the rules baby! ) at any 30 hz timing point!!!!! so much for
your shortwave knowledge its clear to me that you do not know what your
hearing! or even  understand.... you see Glenn with full true digital
modulation anything can be done!!!!!! Fooled even you !!!! hey....look
at our carrier see if you can find the digital data stream.....hint
..... check the phase relationship between programming phase shift (90
degrees) insertion and the carrier!!!!!! i can send full text messages
over the data stream and you would not even know its  there! from a
remote place anywhere across the globe i can read the transmitter
operating values i.e plate volts, current, power out etc!!!! or send you
a greeting note..... a shortwave email so to speak ..... if you have the
equipment to decode ....... test your skills ....and your pals to try to
find it!!! ([sic] Dave Frantz, WGTG, Nov 10 / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov.
11) --- All very interesting, but why do FCC records show ONLY R3E mode
for WGTG, which was my original point?? (Hauser / GH DX REPORT 99-51,
Nov. 11)

U S A- 7460 - WRMI @ 0320-35 UT suffering strong splatter from
Norway-7465 and wobble jammer underneath. Unpleasant listening; Norway
may have to move to 7470 for the whole time period. Their signal was
free of QRM from WRMI (John Cobb, GA, Nov 3 / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov.

WALES - [non]. Previous advance info from Wales Radio International
about its B-99 schedule turned out to be totally wrong. NAm was supposed
to stay at 0200 UT Sat, on 9755 -- but when I checked Nov 6, RCI was
still on that frequency and WRI not on previous 9795 either. Finally
checked WRI website Nov 10 for Celtic Notes and found: Eu Fri 2130 6010
NAm Sat 0300 9735 AuAs Sat 1130 17650 So two of the times are one UT
hour later, the other one UT hour earlier, apparently for  belated
convenience of those Aussies and Enzedders already on DST for a month
(Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1011 / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

YUGOSLAVIA / SERBIA-  Glenn--- Here is the Radio Yugoslavia schedule
which I got from their website, < http://www.radioyu.org >.. this
involves English broadcasts. 01-0130 (not UT Sunday) Eastern NAm 7115
310 deg.  02-0230 Western NAm 7130 325 deg. 1330-14 Australia 11835 100
deg. 1930-20 Europe 6100 310 deg.; SAf 9720 180 deg. 22-2230 Europe 6100
and 6185 both 310 deg. All broadcasts use 250 kW transmitters. (Joe
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

YUGOSLAVIA / SERBIA-  Glenn, I heard Radio Yugoslavia announce their
B-99 schedule Oct 25 0025 (very poor reception, BTW). It's the same as
B-98. Eng. for NAm: 0100-0130 (M-Sa) on 7115, 0200-0230 daily on 7130.
As of Halloween, of  course. 73, (Ivan Grishin, Oct 25, REVIEW OF
Both 7 MHz poor here so far (Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48,
November 1)


DXING WITH CUMBRE- Hello! We have a new transmission via WHRI Angel II.
Here is the full schedule.  Frequencies are in kHz; times are UTC.
Programs are approximately 30 minutes long  WHRI ANGEL I
(Americas/Caribbean)  Sat 0600 7315  --- Sat 0830 7315 --- Sat 1330
15105 --- Sat 2330 9495 ---  Sun 1500 15105 --- Sun 1600 15105 --- WHRI
ANGEL II Eur/Mideast/Afr/Rus/N Am)  Sat 0600 5745 --- Sat 0830 5745 ---
Sat 1530 6040 ---  Sat 1900 13760 --- Sun 0400 5745 ---  Sun 0530
5745 --- Sun 1530 6040 (new) --- KWHR ANGEL III (Asia)  Sat 0300
17510 --- Sat 0600 17780 --- Sun 0000 17510 --- Sun 0200 7580 ---  Sun
0600 17780 --- Sun 1830 9930 --- KWHR ANGEL IV (South Pacific)  Sat 0800
11565 --- Sun 1300 9930 --- WHRA ANGEL V (Africa/Mideast) (may also be
audible for many WHRI listeners)  Fri 2300 7580 --- Sat 0230 7580 ---
Sat 0800 11565 --- Sat 0930 11565 --- Sat 2230 17650 --- Sun 0930
11565 --- The program may be heard on Real Audio whenever it is on
shortwave at the World Harvest website <http://www.whr.org>. Also, it is
audible on demand at the Cumbre DX website; the URL for it is
<http://www.cumbredx.org>. A number of  programs you may have missed or
would like to hear again are archived at the Cumbre DX site, too. The
postal address for shortwave reception reports: World Harvest Radio P.O.
Box 12 South Bend IN 46624 U.S.A.  The postal address for the  DXing
with Cumbre program: Marie Lamb, c/o WAER Radio, 215 University Place,
Syracuse NY 13244-2110, U.S.A.  E-mail or postal mail is fine for most
purposes to send information to the show, but if you must fax something
for the program, please use the WAER fax number at +1 315 443-2148, and
mark the fax to the attention of Marie Lamb. Thanks for listening and
contributing, as always!  73--Marie Lamb, DXing with Cumbre

NOVEMBER 11, 1999, Days and times strictly UT. RFPI on 21460-USB
expected to be inactive most of November; 6975 inactive until mid
November; nominal times still shown. 15049 may also be turned off in the
0600-1200 period. Wed 1730 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Wed 2200 WOR
WBCQ 7415 --- Thu 0930 COM RFPI 15049 --- Thu 2130 WOR WWCR 15685 ---
Fri 1900 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 21460-USB
15049 --- Sat 0300 COM RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sat 0330 WOR RFPI 15049
6975 --- Sat 1100 COM RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sat 1130 WOR RFPI 15049
6975 --- Sat 1230 WOR WWCR 12160 [15685 from Nov 20] --- Sat 1730 COM
RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Sat 1800 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Sat 2030
WOR WWCR 12160 [NEW from Nov 6] --- Sun 0130 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049
6975 --- Sun 0200 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 6975 --- Sun 0330 WOR WWCR
5070 --- Sun 0730 WOR WWCR 5070 --- Sun 0930 COM RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sun
1000 WOR RFPI 15049 6975 --- Sun 2300 WOR RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Mon
0131 WOR WWCR 3215 --- Mon 0601 WOR WWCR 3210 --- Mon 0700 WOR RFPI
15049 6975 --- Tue 1330 WOR WWCR 15685 --- Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 21460-USB
15049 --- Tue 2000 COM RFPI 21460-USB 15049 --- Wed 0300 WOR RFPI
21460-USB 15049 6975 --- Wed 0400 COM RFPI 15049 6975 --- Wed 1100 WOR
RFPI 15049 --- For complete info on all our broadcasts see <
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio > (GH)


Radio New Zealand International (RNZI) is seeking a sponsor to ensure
the continuation of sports coverage on the station.  Without this, the
station will be unable to continue broadcasting sports commentaries to
listeners in the Pacific. RNZI currently relays commentaries of New
Zealand rugby, cricket, league and other sports from commercial sports
station Radio Sport. However, this will have to cease with the end of
the Rugby World Cup on November 7 unless a sponsor can be found.  RNZI
Manager Linden Clark says the relay of Radio Sport has been an important
feature of the station since its start in 1990. She says RNZI has been
very grateful to The Radio Network and Radio Sport for allowing relays
of their sports coverage at very generous terms. However, sports
coverage and the negotiation of rights and contracts have changed in the
past few years and sports broadcasting is now complicated and expensive.
Ms Clark says Radio Sport is seeking to put the relationship with RNZI
on a new commercial footing from November and she says that without
outside assistance, such as sponsorship, RNZI will be unable to meet the
new charges. New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade funds
RNZI through a Purchase Agreement with Radio New Zealand. The station
broadcasts news and information to Pacific countries with a
concentration on Pacific and New Zealand news and programmes. Bulletins
and programmes are relayed by Pacific radio stations, and the station
also maintains a cyclone warning service to the region over summer. RNZI
is the world's smallest international  broadcaster with just nine
fulltime staff, one transmitter and funding of just over NZD  1 million.
Despite this, Linden Clark  says RNZI is widely heard in the region and
successful at what it does. She believes that for a modest sum a sponsor
would receive a high profile in the region, particularly given the fact
that RNZI does not usually sponsor programmes or broadcasts. She says
she would welcome any enquiries.  (Linden Clark, Manager Radio New
Zealand International, PO Box 123, Wellington New Zealand, Phone: 64 4
4741 436, fax; 64 4 4741 433, Email: < lclark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx >  (via John
Figliozzi, USA) --- A Personal Note: It is indeed indicative of the
present sad state of international broadcasting that this particular
genre of programming might no longer be heard on RNZI for the want of
the relatively paltry annual sum of NZD 75,000 (USD 37,600). (John
Figliozzi, USA)

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