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[HCDX]: tfw 99 4/5

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  Part 4
Year   4  Number  99  - Rome, 15 November 1999

COSTA RICA- I just called Gene Scott's 1-800 number for info. Times are
not available right now, but here's what they  provided: 15460 to
Brazil, 9725 to Cuba and Nam, 13750 to Caribbean and Africa, 5030 to
America and South America, 6150 to South America and Africa. Funny to
note, that when I asked about times the woman responded that "you'll
just have to  check them out".  I have heard 9725 between 21-02, 15460
(15459.4) 21-22 on 08 Nov, and 13750 (13749.8) at 00-02 on 09 Nov.(09
Nov 1999 Fine, USA)

COSTA RICA- RFPI had a computer motherboard failure Oct 29 preventing it
from uploading Progressive News Network and other programs, but will
catch up on these when possible, perhaps by early in the week of Nov 8.
(It's also been several weeks since Weekly Updates of program previews
have been distributed or posted on website.) Still waiting on high speed
internet connexion via UFP. RFPI cannot maintain a full stock of spare
parts, but a donor has recently povided an important spare tube, used
but in good shape, a 4CX15000. Regarding the 6975 cubical quad antenna
failure: it is 36 feet on a side, with 4 loops separated by 15 feet.
Because of its size the supporting boom is not through the middle, but
from the top, with tension wires holding out the diamonds. The boom
broke and one element was lost as it swung inward colliding with the
others. A second backup antenna is also being built since the quad at
200 feet is so vulnerable to high winds. Hope to be repaired and 6975
back on by the weekend of Nov 12-13. Because of winter nighttime
propagation, 15049 may be reduced from 24 hours, perhaps turned off
around 0600. RFPI needs to hear from any listeners who can and do listen
to 15049 in the 0600-1200 period (James Latham and Joe Bernard, RFPI
Mailbag Nov 5 as monitored by Hauser Nov 10 / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov.

COSTA RICA- Occasional checks here find 15049 usually inaudible late at
night, in fact not even heard after 0500 Nov 11; but at 1230 recheck was
booming in. How I wish RFPI had a low-power SSB unit on 7 or 9 MHz
overnight. No mention on this week's Mailbag of 21460, which I hope they
still plan to revive. Major broadcasters are moving in on the frequency,
such as DW before and after 1500. But India has moved off 15050. Our
October Mundo Radial report aired again Thu Nov 11 at 1405 (Hauser / GH
DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

COSTA RICA- AWR publicity continues to paint the sale of TIAWR as a step
forward for them, despite the fact that they are now essentially
inaudbile via Guatemala 5980. AWR never mentions to whom TIAWR has been
sold, perhaps out of  embarrassment, because it is such a waste: Dr.
Gene Scott is now heard on 9725, and perhaps other ex-TIAWR frequencies,
such as Nov 8 1145 past 1300; music but no ID break at 1200 -- Cahuita
cannot stay TIAWR, so will it become TIDGS? But has anyone ever heard an
actual Caribbean Beacon ID on 6090 or 11775? 9725 was // WWCR 5935 and
KAIJ 5810, making it painfully clear that much better things could have
been done with the Cahuita facility. Also DGS on 9725 at 2233 with
Spanish translation. I couldn't care less what the actual schedule be,
except for QRM it may cause. Strange coincidence: AWR's region director
for the Americas is named Greg Scott (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1011
/ GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

CUBA- I suppose RHC will be late as usual in deciding on B-99 changes;
they might note that Switzerland is now clashing with RHC USB on 13660
at 2100; RHC also on 13750 AM (Glenn Hauser, OK, Oct 31/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-48, November 1)

CUBA -[non]. R. Marti has some new frequencies: 21600 during many hours,
including 1500, 1600 and later, Oct 31. Super signal here and no jamming
yet; also Nov 1 at 1222 on 5980 instead of 5985. No jamming heard, but
Cuban commie bubbles still on long abandonded 5890, and on 6030, vacant
of Marti after 1200, but enough to ruin any chances of Calgary (Glenn
Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

CUBA- [non]. Found R. Marti on another new frequency, 6060 Nov 3 at 1207
//5980; 6060 was once a Havana channel. Both extremely strong here as
usual making me wonder how efficiently the power is being focussed on
Cuba! Also weak and fading // signal on 12040, which is 5980 plus 6060,
so I suspect it was a propagated transmitter mixing product; nothing on
12120,  and 11960 blocked by another station, which would have been the
respective second harmonics. So I finally looked up RM's complete new
schedule, still not updated on the main VOA site, but at the IBB/his
site. Note that all of these are now Delano, not Greenville: R Marti Oct
31 1999 - Mar 25 2000 0000 0400 GB 11775 184 --- 0000 0400 GB 7365
164 --- 0300 0400 GA 7405 205 --- 0400 0700 GB 11775 184 exc Sun ---
0400 0700 GB 9805 184 exc Sun --- 0400 1000 GA 7405 205 exc Sun --- 0400
0700 GA 6030 200 exc Sun --- 0700 1000 DL 7365 100 exc Sun --- 0700 1000
DL 6030 100 exc Sun --- 0700 1000 DL 5980 100 exc Sun --- 1000 1500 GA
9565 190 --- 1000 1300 DL 6060 116 --- 1000 1200 DL 6030 100 --- 1000
1300 DL 5980 100 --- 1200 1400 GA 7405 200 --- 1300 1700 GA 13820
174 --- 1300 0000 GA 11930 205 --- 1400 1700 DL 11815 100 --- 1500 2200
DL 21600 100 --- 1700 0300 DL 13820 100 --- 1700 2200 GA 9825 190 ---
2200 2400 DL 15330 100 --- 2200 0400 GA 6030 200 (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49, November 3)

CZECH REPUBLIC - [non]. WRMI relay confirmed Nov 1 at new timings and on
frequency changed at last minute to 7460 to avoid Norway on 7465: 0300
Spanish, 0330 Czech, 0400 English - but disappointingly poor signal
(Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

ECUADOR- En Nov 1 Voz del Upano se enlazaron 4870,5040 y 5999 entre las
2245 a 2300 UT despuès de las 2300 Ut cada una continuo con su
programacion independiente.(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

FINLAND- YLE's new evening English to NAm at 0300 confirmed Nov 1 on
9655 and slightly better 11665 (not 11655), both with flutter; by 0325
was in Latin news UT Monday. Is there English any more in our mornings?
Not at 1330 Nov 1 on 15400, 17660 check amid heavy flutter and at 1452
check 17660 was in Russian whilst 15400 was in Finnish (Glenn Hauser,
OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

FRANCE- RFI announces following changes to broadcasts in English: 12Z C
& E Eur 11670 replaces 9805 14Z SE As 17620 replaces 15405 14Z Indian
subc 11610 17620 replace 11995 15405 16Z C Afr 17850 replaces 15530
(Mike Cooper, Atlanta, Oct 27 and Bob Thomas, CT, Oct 22, REVIEW OF

FRANCE- RFI's English at 1200, not to NAm, is very good here on the EEu
frequencies 15155, 15195 (Joe Hanlon, PA, Oct 31) Not here. At 1400 fair
still on 17560, better than 17620; 1600 audible on 17850, poor with echo
(Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

GERMANY -[non]. DW's English at 2100 to West Africa has one frequency in
some versions of schedule also designated for NAm, and 15410 was good
here Oct 31 with IS at 2058. This service was once on 15135. Beam from
Rwanda to WAf extends onward to cover NAm (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

Local Language all on 4915: M-F 0525-0915, 1200-2400; Weekend and Public
Holidays 0525-2400 Radio Two, English, M-F, weekends and public holidays
0520-0915 3366, 1155-1700 6130 (via Mahendra Vaghjee, Oct 30 / GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

GREECE - [and non]. V. of Greece's weekly music show announced in
English, It's All Greek to Me, remains at 1900-2000 UT Sundays, as the
host explained it was at a different time now locally. With 17765
missing, we found the new Delano relay frequency 17565, which is a
satellite-hop behind Greenville on 17705, both very strong. (So this B
season LRA36 Antarctica will not have a problem from 15485 splatter.)
Host explained to a requestor that per ERT policy, he is not allowed to
play any Greek music recorded abroad. What a shame also that the
perpetually distorted satellite feed, combined with selective fading,
make this a strain to listen to. We also checked the 0300 UT November 1
English news to NAm, and found it best on 9420, along with 7450, 9375,
12105, no longer on 11645, nor 7475 as John Babbis suggested based on
last year (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

INDIA- on Monday 11/1 checked for AIR in EG with regional news after
1135 on 11620 but heard nothing but carrier... today, 11/2, there it was
with 5 min. of news read by male at 1135-1140 on 11620, good signal
here. Worth checking after listening to Israel's 5-min news at 1130, if
you dig regional news developments. (Joe Hanlon, Philadelphia, WORLD OF
RADIO 1011 / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

IRELAND- [non]. RTE English and Irish relay at 1830 confirmed Oct 31 on
new 13640 via Sackville, ex-13725 (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-48, November 1)

ISRAEL- Kol Israel English at 1500 confirmed Oct 31 on 17535, better
than //15650 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH  SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November

JAPAN- [non]. Glenn--- The station on 6135 that is QRMing BBCWS via
Delano at 0330 is Radio Japan via Ascension, in Swahili to East Africa.
(Joe Hanlon in Philadelphia, WORLD OF RADIO 1010 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-49, November 3)

LIBERIA- R. Liberia reactivated on 5100, Oct 31 into Nov 1, 2103 [sic,
means 2301?] -2403*. English news about Liberia, local religious music,
vernacular talk. IDs as Liberian Communications Network, and R. Liberia.
Variety of Euro-pops, Afro-pops. English news at 2301. S/off with NA.
Poor to fair but muffled audio. Not heard on Nov 5 check (Brian
Alexander, PA / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

LITHUANIA- [non]. R. Vilnius English to NAm 0030 on 6120 (Bob Thomas,
CT/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1) via Germany, ex-9855,
confirmed Nov 1, not yet on UT Oct 31 (Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-48, November 1)

MALTA- [non]. V. of Mediterranean English is now: Daily except Friday
1900-2100 via Russia 7440; Sunday 0900-1000  11770 via Italy (Eugene
Gebreurs, RVI Radio World Nov 7 via WORLD OF RADIO 1011 / GH DX REPORT
99-51, Nov. 11)

local press that a Dutch of Surinam origin who already runs radio
stations in Holland and in Surinam has submitted a project to operate a
similar station in the  island. The program will be mainly in Hindustani
[Hindi & Urdu] 24 hrs daily. No details have been given if it would be
in FM or SW but it seems to be in short-wave as the transmission will
cover the whole region. The negotiation with the authority is in a very
advanced stage and if that is true therefore let us hope that for the
New Millennium at least Mauritius could be heard on SW! It is also
interesting to note that the first person to submit a similar project
some 3 years ago was a Scandinavian but  unfortunately never did he
receive any kind of reply from the Authority. (Mahendra Vaghjee,
Mauritius, Oct 31 / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

NETHERLANDS - [non]. RN's 1430 English to Asia is fairly well audible
here via Madagascar on 12090, better than 15590. To Africa at 1830 and
1930, 21590 is no longer available in English, but still on the air from
Bonaire in Dutch. We still hear these broadcasts, not as well, on 17605
and 13700 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

OMAN-  DXing at the Moman antenna farm on the weekend of Oct 15-17 we
managed to hear Oman in EE at 1400-1500 on 15140. Conditions were bad
that weekend but with the "Log" [rotable log-periodic] we were able to
get rid on HCJB enough to get a usable signal. 73 for now, (Mickey
Delmage, Edmonton, Alberta / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49, November 3)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA- R. West New Britain, which had been off the air for at
least a year, was heard again Nov 10 at 1000  on 3235 (Chris Hambly,
Australia, WORLD OF RADIO 1011 / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

PERU-  Hi, Glenn! Wonder if you are aware of the Spanish-language
broadcast being heard (weakly) in the Ottawa area on  7003.45 kHz most
mornings from about 1030 to after 1100 UTC. Haven't been able to make
out any ID but the programming seems smooth with a mix of commentary and
music. It seems to be gray-line reception so I assume the transmitter is
somewhere in Central or South America. Hope you can ID it. Love your
column in MT and it sometimes proves very useful in my work for IARU's
intruder watch. 73, ... (Martin VE3OAT -- Martin H. Potter, Amateur
Radio VE3OAT Co-ordinator, IARU Region 2 Monitoring System / GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1) --- This has been reported by
various DXers for quite some time. It is La Voz de [los? las?] Huarinjas
in Peru, quite probably unlicensed. I listened on  7003.35 approx., Sat
Oct 30 from 1050 tune-in. Mostly peppy Andean music with occasional
animated announcements but never caught an ID. It was still in at 1140,
about gone by 1147. I got to hear quite a variety of fists in all the
ham CW QRM; poor Huarinjas was more a victim than a cause of QRM (Glenn
99-48, November 1)

PERU- NEW: 4940, Radio San Antonio, Villa Atalaya, Ucayali, Nov 1 with
ID, better than on Oct 11. Said it is a new station testing, asking for
reports from cities in Atalaya province."Radio San Antonio es propiedad
de la Parroquia San Antonio de  Padua...que transmite en los 4940 KHz de
su dial, banda de 60 metros" (Rogildo Fontenelle Aragao, Cochabamba,
Bolivia, WORLD OF RADIO 1010/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49, November 3)
Time was 0140 UT Nov 1 (Fontenelle, later/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49,
November 3)

POLAND-  The Baltic Tour 1999: Warsaw. We had a meeting planned with
Mrs. Ann Flappan of the English service of Radio Polonia, so around 1200
hours we arrived in the building. A special emotion for my friend
Roberto Pavanello, cause in 1979 he visited the same place as winner of
a contest held by the Italian service for the 35th anniversary of the
external service. The reception is now equipped with a fast-food bar and
a shop selling magazines and tobacco. Mrs. Flappan is in charge of the
mailbox program so she is very interested to meet listeners, so if you
want to contact their service: Radio Polonia, Program dla Zagranicy,
Polskiego Radia S.A., Al. Niepodleglosci 77/85, 00-977 Warszawa.Tel.
(+48/22) 645 93 05 fax: (+48/22) 645 59 17 < piatka@xxxxxxxxxxxx
rafalk@xxxxxxxxxxxx > Mailbag program is on Fridays, and you may listen
on Tuesdays to their "Multimedia Show" directed by Rafal Kiepuszewki
[sic], editor in chief. Is very important program often informing about
what is going on in broadcasting media of Poland & Baltic countries. Mr.
Rafal was outside Warsaw, but we visited the studios and offices, and we
get also some souvenirs. The station has economic problems but the
entire staff is doing all the best to their English service (Dario
Monferini, Play-DX Oct 11, also reporting on visits to many domestic
stations / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49, November 3)

ROMANIA- This has been going on for years. EU ought to take military
action against RRI transmitter site if they fail to  clean it up, now
capable of ruining an entire meter band with spurs. Nov 4 at 1313 found
RRI English ID on 17806.8, talking about politics in Republic of
Moldova, hetting a 17805.0 station. At 1320 also found Romania's home
service relay on  17824.9, marches and waltzes such as Wiener Blut
vocal, very nice program except for the continuous rushing noise
transmitted with it. Then at 1327 I found the above two transmitters
mixing on 17796 or so, hetting a station in English on 17795. At 1332,
the audio from 17824.9, which I believe is the fundamental, was also on
a spur around 17810.5v, still Vienna waltzes, the frequency varying in
steps every few seconds, perhaps correlating with modulation, and
hetting RRI's other  transmitter on 17806.8! The same behavior on the
other spur 17796v. At 1336 I tuned down the band and found a big FM blob
parallel the Romanian/music peaking around 17782v. Then I found the same
extending all the way from 17711 to 17755, extremely distorted FM with
no carrier, bothering RCI on 17710, and only the stronger DW relay on
17730 capable of  overriding most of it. At 1352 I checked for parallels
on 19m, and found English RRI also on 15390.0 and 15335.0, no spur
problem audible here. Plugged special program Sunday Nov. 6 inviting
listeners to call in live during the 1300 hour to 00-401-223-4145, or
E-mail, full address not caught. 1355 closed English announcing 11940
and 15390 for Western Europe, 15335 and 17805 for North America. 1356 a
quick check of 11940 found it audible there too, but unstable warbling
carrier. At 1357 on 17824.9 (or maybe closer to 17824.8) R. Romania ID
in Romanian. At 1400 check 17806.8 was off but the other 16m  primary
and spurs remained with Zhurnal (news) program. At 1500 recheck 17824.9
was still on, but no spurs were audible. Someone should mention this
mess in the Sunday call-in. BTW, amid all the clutter, Turkey in English
at 1330 on 17815 was unmarred (Glenn Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-50, Nov. 5)

RUSSIA-  Best bet for VOR now is an hour or two before their 2200
sign-off on 5940. They weren't bad Oct 31 2100-2200. I think the only
audible VOR freq in the evening is 5940, which signs on at 0300, and, of
course, Dr. Eugene Scott on 5935  causing problems for VOR (as well as
VOVietnam 0100-0130 & 0230-0300) (Ivan Grishin, Ont., Nov 1/ GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

RUSSIA- VOR WS in English: I know other frequencies are active, but I
only hear 7180 from 0200 (Bob Thomas, CT / GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

RUSSIA- One more additional relay from St. Petersburg: Radio Gardarika -
Starting from November 12 Weekly on Friday,  Saturday, Sunday only
2015-2115 UT 5925 kHz (ND / nEU, CIS), 7330 kHz (222 degrees / cEU)
Please send any comments to < pcd00342@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > (Mikhail
Timofeyev, St. Petersburg, WORLD OF RADIO 1011 / GH DX REPORT 99-51,
Nov. 11)

SAUDI ARABIA- Not one Qur'an broadcast, but two were mixing at equal
level with slightly varying subaudible heterodyne perhaps attributable
to Doppler effects in propagation, on 21605 at 1403 UT November 4. I
assume the other was Dubai, which went into spoken Arabic at 1408. This
one went into French, surprise at 1406 with apparent translation of
Qur'an, and at 1410 ID as R. Riyadh, timecheck for 1710 local. Terrific
frequency coordination in Arabia! -- At this time there were open
channels all the way from 21610 to 21655. 21605 would be the frequency
to watch for Riyadh to mistakenly air a bit of English  following at
1600; God forbid they should actually broadcast on SW in this useless
language, but by then R. Marti is  dominating from 21600 Delano (Glenn
Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-50, Nov. 5)

SPAIN-  REE finally announced new B-99 English schedule during the Oct
31 Radio Waves on 15385. While a band higher  than 6 MHz would now hold
up during this high-solar-cycle winter, they have gone back to 6055 to
NAm not only at 0500 but 0000 and 0100, confirmed Nov 1. To Eu and Af
the situation is still needlessly complex tho at least frequencies no
longer  differ depending on day of week: M-F 2000, Sat 2205, Sun 2200
all on 9680 to Eu, 9595 to Af (Glenn Hauser/ GH  SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-48, November 1)

SWEDEN-  R. Sweden to NAm now at 1230 and 1430 on 18960 and 21810; the
first broadcast here before sunrise has poor propagation, but the second
is better. Whatever schedules and announcements may have said, the
evening broadcasts at 0230 and 0330 UT November 1 were confirmed on 9495
(Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

SWITZERLAND - [non]. Checking for B-99 registered Red Cross to SE
Europe, M-F 1430-1445 on 11680, 13755, 15115 via different Merlin sites:
Mon Nov 1 at 1428 all three audible with something in Italian, including
15115 with considerable QRM to HCJB; best on 11680. But all went off at
1430* I suppose this may be a phantom broadcast, unless what was on
before 1430 was actually it; starting when and if needed, when they get
around to it (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November

SUDAN- [non]. Voice of Sudan 8000 // 9517, also noted on a new freq 9000
with very good reception. S.on at 16.O0 and went off at 18.00. I have to
check 9000 if it is also on the air at 04.00 same as the other two
Frequencies (Mahendra Vaghjee,  Mauritius, Nov 10, WORLD OF RADIO 1011 /
GH DX REPORT 99-51, Nov. 11)

TURKEY-  VOT B-99 English to NAm checked Oct 31/Nov 1: 2300 fair on
9655; 0400 very poor on 6010 with Mil QRM at least. Surely VOT could
have found something better (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-48, November 1)

U K O G B A N I-  BBC On Air for November explicitly shows that from Oct
31 on Sundays there is alternative programming during the 1600 hour for
America, i.e. Concert Hall. Nevertheless, both 17840 and 9515 Oct 31
actually stayed on the main AE stream with news, sports. Let's hope they
get it right by Nov 21, when that will be our chance to hear this
month's Millennium Concert, from Durban. BBCWS continues on 6135 via
Delano from 0200 past 0400. Now there is some co-channel in
Japanese(?) during the 0330 half-hour, ending with an NHK-style
timesignal at 0400; NHK Warudo relay from somewhere? (Glenn Hauser, OK/
GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

U K O G B A N I- Regarding the Sun 1600-1700 BBC hour when Concert Hall
is supposed to be on 17840 to Am breaking away from the AE stream: Nov
BBC On Air says Concert Hall at 1600, but it is actually a 45-minute
program, and started at 1615 Nov 7. Surely the Millennium Concert from
Durban with Ladysmith Black Mambazo Nov 21 will be a full hour from
1600. We had another screwup Nov 8 at 1857 via Sackville on 17840 trying
to hear the last few minutes of The Imposters. At 1857 someone started
playing with the input feed, switching from BBC to some other talk, then
music, then WRN1 ID with RTE closing, which was supposed to be on 13640
only, WRN1 promoting upcoming R. Australia relay before cut off. Note: I
do not go looking for all these mistakes, but I keep encountering them
while merely trying to listen to scheduled programming! No one can
depend on 17840 for the BBC News at 1400 via Antigua. It always comes on
late, timed at *1402:30 Nov 8 (Glenn Hauser, OK / GH DX REPORT 99-51,
Nov. 11)

UKRAINE-  RUI's crippled external service audible here with English at
new time 0100 Nov 1 on 9560; no sign of it on  possible parallels 5905,
6020 (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

U S A-  Spectrum's listener appreciation show Oct 31 at 0306 resulted in
a decision not to cancel the show, but to try to tighten it up, get back
to basics, invite some previous guests back, try to get Scott Fybush on
more often, tho he is busy with a new wife and new house. Winter timing
is 0406 UT Sunday on WWCR 5070 (Glenn Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT
99-48, November 1)

U S A-  Solely from an operational standpoint, here is why it can be so
frustrating to try to broadcast on WGTG. All day Oct 31 on 9400, Dave
Frantz interrupted regular programming EVERY TWO MINUTES, including his
own SSB promotions, for repeats of a taped announcement that effective
immediately on Sat and Sun, all 9400 programming would switch to 12170
"AM-USB" from 8 am to 6 pm [1300-2300 UT]. A press release says 12170
will be using new yagi at 310 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-48, November 1)

U S A- Notes from Al Weiner Worldwide Oct 30: Al was in hospital 4-5
days with unknown ailment, possibly Lyme disease.  Thought he as going
to die at one point, but feeling better now. Last week's AWWW was a
rerun. Is drinking grape juice for  hydration, having gotten tired of
constant apple juice and is on antibiotics. He and Elayne Star will be
wed this Sunday Oct 31, Halloween, at 2 pm in a local mall, with her in
costume as Snow White, but I did not catch Al's costume, other than
definitely not a seven dwarf as he is too tall. Vows will be recorded
and perhaps played on AWWW next week. BTW, there's a picture of Elayne
aboard the Fury in the photo gallery at < http://wbcq.net >. Besides
being away in the hospital last week, WBCQ had  another problem; an
isolation transformer blew out. Tom and Timtron put in lots of overtime
and extra trouble getting it  replaced and fixed. Real Radio's Mr Mike
called to say they had gotten so many requests to replay their first two
shows many people missed, that they will do so the first two weeks in
Nov, i.e. UT Sun 0030 as timeshifted (notes by Hauser/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX
REPORT 99-48, November 1)

U S A-  Dear Glenn, Thanks for the concern. The doctors think it's Lyme
disease and are treating me with powerful antibiotics.  I get an IV feed
every day till Nov. 7th. I feel dizzy and foggy most of the time - not
pleasant. I will be dressed up as the  charming Prince for the wedding
tommorrow. Should be a fun time. May broadcast the ceremony on AWW next
week. I only do AWW on Fridays but sometimes I fill in with a special
AWW when a time slot opens up. Program notes: Radio Timtron Worldwide
can be heard Saturdays, 5pm-6pm eastern-lots of great rock and roll
music to be had. [2200-2300 UT now -- that is the time when Al
previously said a new polka show would be on in Nov]  WBCQ-TWO should be
ready for testing soon,  hopefully before the snow flakes fly. Test
frequencies will be in the 9 MHz and maybe the 12 MHz bands as well as
something in 40 meters. Take care, (Allan Weiner, WBCQ, Oct 30 via
Hauser / GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-48, November 1)

U S A- Trouble hearing WBCQ? Now streamed via Scott Becker's <
http://www.wbcq.com >-- not wbcq.net (Tom, WBCQ, Nov 2 via Hauser / GH
SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49, November 3)

U S A-  Weak and distorted Brother Stair on 7462.0 at 1218 Nov 3, //very
strong 7435 WWCR, presumably a spur from this. Why is 27 kHz a common
offset for spurs?? (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-49,
November 3)

End of part 4
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