[HCDX]: Some loggings
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[HCDX]: Some loggings

4000  1226  Nei Menggu PBS, PR China: CH OM/YL dialog and CH mx bridges;
are there any other CH stations here? Very good sig quality. See next
logging. (11/12)

4525  1245  UNID: u/lang (sounded most like RU) tlk by 2 OM, 3+1 very
slow time pips on top of hour, ID sounded like CH (but was very brief so
I could be mistaken), then back to the same language. I see an old
listing for Nei Menggu here but this was not // to 4000. I would think
this more likely Nei Menggu given the Central Asian-sounding lang, but
what's on 4000 then? (11/12)

6070  1300  CFRX, Toronto: ad for car lot in Toronto, ID, into nx. USB.

9644.8  2330  R. Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo: very buried in 31m slop but
got clear ID on half hour. PT OM tlk & soft mx. (11/6)

9930(t)  1431  Que Huong R, Hawaii: OM/YL Viet tlk, fairly sure of ID
(like "radyo quom huang"). But the program is supposed to be on at 1530?

11785  2350  R. Guiba, Porto Alegre, Brazil: PT tlk about Sao Paulo, ad
& ID at 0007, very listenable signal. (11/6)

15475.7(t)  2145  LRA36, Antartica: soccer game, instrumental of "Dust
in the Wind" mx bed after game w/ YL SP tlk & "R. Nacional" ID, but got
no (discernable) ments of Antartica, off abruptly at 2210. Will get this
for sure one day. (11/7)

Joe Howell
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