[HCDX]: R. Rossi 6060
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[HCDX]: R. Rossi 6060


I refer to my previous log of November 8 in this list:

6060 kHz at 1510 Radio Rossi, SINPO: 44434. Nothing uncommon but the HFCC
listed 100 kW from Moscow sites signing on only at 1530. At the first
mentioned time, also according to HFCC, only Blagovchensk with 10 kW should
be there.

Today (November 12) at 1500 on 6060 kHz there was only HS of RAI Italy and
some trace of an Unidentified. Then suddenly at 1504 after 3 or 4 short
carrier signals Radio Rossi signed on with the current programme.

My conclusion is: The Moscow 100 kW transmitter signs on earlier than in
the HFCC stated time.

Erich Bergmann
Ansbach, Germany
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