[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-52
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[HCDX]: G Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report 99-52

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 99-52, Nov. 12, 1999

{Items from this and all our reports may be reproduced and re-
reproduced only provided full credit be maintained at alls stages}

** AUSTRALIA. RA's Timor troops service confirmed on 9500 ex-9445
//11660 Nov 12 at 1345 check, but both rather poor here (Glenn
Hauser, OK)

** CHINA [non]. Some supposedly new versions of the CRI English
schedule still fail to show the Cuban relays which started a few
months ago. We reconfirmed 9570 CRI in English at 1311 Nov 12, nice
crisp audio for such a relay, but we gloat that the two major
jamming offenders, China and Cuba, combine to mar this frequency
with bleedover from the Cuban commie bubble jammer against Marti
on 9565. Serves them right. I believe I also noticed 9570 CRI relay
in English at 0100 recently (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** COSTA RICA. RFPI gave WOR 1010 a special airing UT Fri Nov 12
0200 on 15049 as substitute for Global Community Forum. 15049 was
again inaudible later in the evening, maybe faded out, but OK
after 1230. Inaudible again and presumably off at 1900-2000 Nov 12
when COM and WOR would have aired. Let's hope it was off to allow
replacement of the 6975 antenna so that can be reactivated ASAP.
However, 15049 was back on at 2043 check (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** CUBA. Commie bubble jammers were weakly audible Nov 12 at 1243
on 17940, 18090 and 18180. These are third harmonics against R. Marti
on 5980, 6030 and 6060 respectively. At this hour Marti was already
off 6030, tho upon occasion I have noticed it running somewhat past
1200, while the other two last until 1300. On 17940 only, Marti
3rd harmonic audio was also barely audible at times, whilst on 5980
itself Marti without the jamming was to be heard. There was additional
jamming in the 17953-17963 range, which could be the third harmonic
of something aimed at 5985, no longer Marti (Glenn Hauser, OK0

** FINLAND. Finally checked the YLE website for current schedule, and
it confirms there is no longer any English in our mornings at 1300-
1500 on 15400, 17660, just Finnish (and a little Swedish). Too, the
Russian Joe Hanlon and I heard a few days ago at 1430 on 17660 only
is supposed to be on 6180 only for Russia at that hour, so there
must have been a switching or feed error (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** GREECE [non]. Some other listeners have referred to the VOG relays
via VOA-USA at 1800-2200 now as 17705 via Delano and 17565 via
Greenville, based on listings from ERT and in the IBB schedule,
constantly updated on their website, and indeed so listed when we
checked the Nov 12 version: 17705 DL 075 degrees, 17565 GA 164
degrees. But as we previously reported, and just reconfirmed at 1857
check Nov 12, 17565 is a satellite-delay BEHIND 17705. This strongly
suggests that 17705 is GA, and 17565 is DL, which requires an
additional satellite-hop to feed the signal across the US. Possibly
there is some other explanation if the satellite-feed network is not
as straightforward as we assume. But it would not be the first time
that GA and DL sites (or frequencies) have been swapped for VOG-USA
relays. One would think the correct current info would be in the IBB
schedule, however (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. RN announced that due to clash with China
[and Singapore], 9820 Bonaire for English at 0930-1125 to Pacific
is being replaced by 9790 effective Mon Nov 15. This will be of some
interest in NAm for early rising listeners (Glenn Hauser, OK)
     The B99 schedules via HFCC show a number of test transmissions
using 100 kW via Bonaire for Digital Radio Mondial. The first ones are
the week of Nov 15-22:  5925 0330-0355 and 1100-1155 and 5965 1000-
1055. Not sure if they will actually go off, but worth checking (Hans
Johnson, Nov 10, Cumbre DX) This was referred to vaguely on this
week's Media Network with no times or frequencies given (Hauser)

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Radio Simbu has been off the air since Sept,
lacking funds to buy parts from the USA. Minister for Housing John
Kamb has rescued the station with a donation of 10 megakina, to
purchase parts from USA by end of next week and put R. Simbu back on
the air. The money was appropriated by the National Gaming Board (PNG
Post-Courier Nov 11 via BBC Monitoring, summarised by Hauser - That's
the one listed on 3355)

** ROMANIA. We re-checked the 16m band Nov 12 at 1300 to see if RRI
and the home service were again producing all the spurs we recently
reported. The frequencies were still off-channel, about 17807.1 and
17824.9 respectively, the latter with its perpetual roar, but no
mixing products or spurs/splatter were audible. However, the
fundamental signals were not as strong as on the previous occasion,
so spurs may have been below audible threshhold at the moment (Glenn
Hauser, OK)

** U K O G B A N I [non]. We checked again Nov 12 for the registered
Red Cross broadcasts to SE Europe at 1430-1445 M-F only, starting at
1414 and found: 11680 with ...- BBC IS and 1415 into Albanian, which
Nov BBC On Air shows scheduled here as well as 13670, 15115. Nothing
heard on 13670 (nor 13755, supposedly the RC frequency after 1430),
but 15115 was clashing with HCJB again. Both went off at 1430 with
no Red Cross yet. 11680 had a het which then uncovered something FE
sounding (Glenn Hauser, OK)

** U S A [non]. Surprised to find VOA News Now on nice clear frequency
9355 at 1316 Nov 12 with story on counterfeiting, //9760. IBB says
this is Saipan 285 degrees used at 1300-1400 only. They know how to
pick frequencies, unlike WTJC still with RTTY on 9370.8 (Glenn Hauser,

** U S A. WRMI will carry a special program Fri Nov 26 at 2330-2400
on 9955 only for the 13th anniversary of the Club Diexistas de la
Amistad, Venezuela, and the 10th anniversary of the program
"America en Antena: El Magazine de la Radio Internacional", which is
broadcast on Radio Paraiso Stereo 102.9 FM, Sundays at 8-12 pm local
time. This will be a special edition dediciated to "Radiodifusion
Nacional e Internacional". The same program will be rebroadcast for
NAm at 0430-0500 UT Sat Nov 27 on 7570, and perhaps also a couple of
hours earlier at 0230, to be confirmed. Also to be broadcast Nov 28
for western Venezuela via Paraiso Stereo 102.9 within the program
"America en Antena" between 8 and 8:30 pm local. And on Nov 29 for
eastern Venezuela via R. Porten~s, 640 AM in the "Sintonia DX"
program conducted by Jose Elias Diaz Gomez from Puerto La Cruz at
0230-0300 UT Tue. All reception reports go to
americaenantena@xxxxxxxxxxx with a copy to jorge.garcia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
A virtual QSL will be sent in reply. By P-mail reports may be sent to:

         Radio Paraiso Stereo 102.9 FM
           Programa: America en Antena
         Av. Principal Alto Barinas Norte
                   Barinas 5201

Regarding the frequency of 7570 for WRMI, Jeff White has called me
to confirm that perhaps before Nov 26 they will change to that
frequency from 7460, so be on the lookout (Jorge Garcia Rangel,
Barinas, Venezuela, Nov 11; all in Spanish, translated by Hauser) ###


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