[HCDX]: Nov 14 log
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[HCDX]: Nov 14 log

Hi all,

VIETNAM 4960.2 Voice of Vietnam - Hanoi 2 (presumed) 2150-2215, now here´s
one that´s driving me up the wall. On and off, over the last couple of
weeks I´ve tried to get a positive ID on them but simply no joy... Whenever
there´s even a remote chance to ID them - they just fade away, rats !!!
Carrier came on at 2150. Possible ID fragment today on the hour 'dai pat
tan...' and then they went under, only to peak again with music. On Nov 1 I
heard fragments '...tieng noi...tan tu...tu do nuok...', since then only
weak hets and weak traces of music which 'could' be Vietnamese. Very weak
with deep fading. (Roth Nov 14)

73 de Thomas
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